Friday, March 2

ART PRINTS | 365 Days of Art Prints Project

One of my creative-related goals this year has been to create one art print each matter how small or quick it might need to be.

I'm calling it my 365 Days of Art Prints Project and I'm even using the #pnpflowers365daysofartprints hashtag on social media whenever I post something related.

I've been sharing them on my Instagram feed periodically and wanted to share a few of them here today. (I'm keeping them in my story highlights so you can keep up with them there).

I love the pastel color family in these cuties...definitely a nod to Spring!
Some of the art prints I make will be freebies, some will be surprise giveaways and some will make it into my shoppe.

These three were loaded into the shoppe yesterday under a new section called $5 Downloads.
I'm not promising these will stay in that section for that price but that's where they are right now so if you love them go grab them!!

I'm even toying around with the idea of picking 5 random art prints and bundling them together once a month for a "Five 5x7's for $5 Friday" to keep things fun for everyone. If you'd like to see that happen, comment and let me know.

AND...if you have a quote or an art print you'd like to see me create, again, leave a comment.
Any suggestion made that I end up picking, the first person to have made the suggestion/request will receive the art print for free before it's revealed to anyone else!

And all of you email for periodic freebies sent right to your inbox!
Need to subscribe? SIGN UP HERE!

I hope you all are as excited as I am to see what kind of creations I come up with over the course of this year....we're on Day 61 today!! Wow!!

Have a great Friday everyone...and a fantastic weekend!


We are heading to Savannah, Georgia early this morning to get Ella to a gymnastics competition.
I got myself up extra early and got some stretching in and this blog post done before anyone else in the house stirs. Fist bump to myself for starting my day off right!!


Thursday, February 22

RECiPE | Protein Packed Chocolate Muffins

I have been meaning to post these delicious muffins ever since discovering the recipe some time ago.
I was in the middle of reading this book and it led me to this blog which ultimately led me to this recipe.

I was over-the-moon to receive a big thumbs-up from Ella when she sampled them and knew without a doubt these "healthy muffins" were a win after she continued to request them.

These muffins are a home run on so many levels!!
They are packed with protein and lots of good stuff making them perfect for breakfast, for snacks or to throw in a lunchbox or backpack.

Plus...they are super easy to make since all you need is a blender and a muffin pan - which then makes clean-up a snap!

Now...I do have to point out the original recipe doesn't call for the addition of mini chocolate chips...but that's how we do them around my house. And if you don't want the chocolate chips but like some "chunk" to your muffins...I've also topped mine with pecans or walnuts prior to baking. Easy.

I hope you try them out and come back to let me know how much you love them!
DOWNLOAD your cute printable recipe card right here!!

PS - Catch a glimpse of me making these over on my Instastories!!

Love you friends!!

Truth be told...Ella doesn't even like almond butter and these puppies are packed with it!! Ha!! to clean the bathrooms before we have guests arrive this weekend!!


Friday, February 9

FREE | All The Feels Emoji Themed Valentine's Day Ideas

I've got two adorable Valentine's Day ideas for you today everyone!!
And these, my friends, are for all of the emoji-loving people out there!
And for all of the people on Instagram and social media that use the term "all the feels" on a regular basis. I know you get me!

If you are unfamiliar with the phrase "all the feels" it simply refers to something that moves you emotionally...or something that gives you good vibes.

So...I thought it was a brilliant concept to combine the "all the feels" expression with the iconic "emojis" we are all familiar with - that essentially represent every emotion. *wink* Brilliant, right?

So here we go...
IDEA #1: Valentine's Day Treat Tags

I created these super cute Valentine's Day treat tags for Ella to hand out to her 3rd grade classmates. She's loves all things emojis and loved the idea.

And they are SO easy. Just print them onto white card stock, trim to size and tie onto a small cellophane bag filled with emoji themed chocolates or these cute emoji themed gumballs.
I picked up my chocolates from Hobby Lobby but I found them on Amazon as well!

 IDEA #2: Valentine's Day Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar Wrappers

This idea came about after Ella said she wanted to do a giant candy bar to mail to her best friend, Elise for Valentine's Day.  I just love her and her awesome ideas!!

So I whipped up this emoji themed Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar Wrapper - just like the Llama themed wrappers I shared the other day and these other black and white wrappers too!

And then I created a "Having YOU for a BESTIE gives me ALL THE FEELS!" tag to tie on.
I love how they turned out so much I was then inspired to create even more custom tags for Dad, Mom, Teacher, Coach, Friend and Sister. (shhhh - don't tell Clara and Ema they'll be getting one of these in the mail too from their little sister) Ha!!

Feel free to use the treat tags on the candy bars too!
Both of these ideas are so fun and so easy!
If you are inspired to whip some of these up too, here are the links to download the files:

Emoji Themed Valentine's Day Printables 

PLEASE NOTE: There are 7 different printable Ghirardelli wrappers - each one with a custom tag included. (i.e. Teacher, Dad, Mom, etc.) - Be careful to download and print the one(s) you want! *wink*

Love you guys!
Share your pictures with me if you make these!
Email: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com
Tag me on Instagram: @pnpflowers


Just barely getting these loaded onto the blog before I jump in the car to grab Ella from school!
But hey! At least she finished an entire day of school today! She missed three days this week and came home early yesterday after attempting to go. Poor girl. She's on the mend though! Yay!!


Wednesday, February 7

FREE | Llama Themed Valentine's Day Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Hello friends! We are already knee deep into February with Valentine's Day on our heels.
Today I'm sharing these super cute and super easy "Llama-themed" Ghirardelli bar wrappers to be given to anyone on your Valentine's Day list.

1 - Ghirardelli bar - removed from outer cardboard packaging. ---> 3.5oz like these
1 - Llama Candy Bar Wrapper printed on white card stock. (links at end of blog post)
double-stick tape

Print Llama Candy Bar Wrapper.
Trim to size using scissors.
Wrap around candy bar aligning image on front of candy bar.
Secure with double-stick tape on back of candy bar.

Tip: For a polished look, rub fingers along edges of candy bar for clear wrapper "creases". 

A "llama love" went into designing these for you guys!
Hoping you love them and most importantly....USE THEM!

Here's a fun time lapse video I shared on Instagram sharing the whole process of putting one of these together  - hopefully you can view it okay here on the blog.

DOWNLOAD your FREE Llama Love Valentine's Day Candy Bar Wrappers below:

Stay tuned for some classroom treat tags coming tomorrow!
Hint: You'll probably want some of THESE or THESE to go with them! *wink*

PS - If you love the idea of the Ghirardelli wrappers CHECK OUT THESE!


Ella has been down with a virus for a few days now so I apologize for not getting these photographed and up on the blog sooner!! 


Wednesday, January 24

iNSPiRE | My One Little Word for 2018

Hello January 2018!
I welcome your opportunities, your joy, your blessings, your happy memories + good health for myself, my family, my friends in real life, my friends that join me here on my blog and on social media. I embrace and welcome all of the good you have to offer each and every one of us and I celebrate the chance to do some good, to create some good and to feel some good. *wink*

Time for a new focus word and mine this year is....FREE.
And boy did I struggle for whatever reason to pick just the right word this year.
My word typically finds me without me searching.
Not this year.
Maybe because I knew it really needed to be a good one...
one with power...
but one that I would love to see written and spelled out...
because you know I love hand-lettered anything and I'm such a visual person.

(Heck! I even picked my children's names based on how it felt hand writing it out on a sheet of clean white paper). *wink*

But why the word "Free"?
I needed a word that represented an "unearthing" of sorts.
I needed a word that stood for "letting go", a "rebirth" AND an "elimination + purging" mindset.
A word that symbolized a "peeling away of layers".
A word that represented "healing".

I was searching for the perfect word to harness some beautiful energy for the journey ahead to rediscovering...and unburying...and reconnecting with the girl I once was.

Specifically to the girl who has buried her good health under layers of disappointment + shame, to be completely honest.
As I recently wrote in my journal, "I've been storing food reserves for a very long winter apparently." - lol  And this needs to stop. Self care is my number one this year. Period.
Everything else is secondary.
Essentially, if I can get a handle on my overall health everything else will see improvement.
I've played the victim to my own insecurities and unfortunately allowed myself to become a prisoner in my own body; a prisoner to my fears. A prisoner to my doubt. A prisoner to lies I had convinced myself to be truth.

I need to break out of the prison and be FREE!
I can visually see it in my mind.
I can see the girl I once was...the one I left behind. I'm looking at her. She's looking at me. Our eyes have locked and I am running fiercely to meet her; To grab her hand and continue the journey together;  To remind her I haven't forgotten her. I have NOT left her behind. I am back.

I'm running back to rescue the girl who's optimistic, cheerful, trusting heart has been crushed by life experiences.

I'm sprinting through the wide open prairie to wear she is standing and has been waiting for me to return. I can see this vividly in my mind. I cannot let her down. I cannot leave her standing there anymore. And I know when I reach her...I will not have rescued her....she will have rescued me.

Can you feel the passion in my words?  I hope so...because I can feel it in my fingertips as I type.

A spent hours upon hours looking up words that might be the word I was looking for!
Tend, restore, pure, clean, cleanse, reclaim, shift, return, reset, refresh, rebuild, dig, peel, chip, core, shed, center, root, foundation, excavate, create, carve, mold, chisel, unveil, beauty, unmask, claw, fight, war, take back, unbury, raw, stripped...and well.

I had convinced myself that my word was "well"! 
Then I changed it to "grit"!
And then I ended up at "free"!

"Well" was so awesome in so many ways but ultimately I decided it was too "soft".
So I then I did a 360 and chose "grit" which was a super tough and energizing word...but not "pretty" and appealing to me visually.

And then "FREE"....defined as:
No longer confined.
Not a slave.
Of power + energy.
Not bound.
Not subject to or constrained by.
Release from physical obstruction, restraint or entanglement.
Remove something undesirable.

BINGO!! That's it. 
It's an action word.
It's definition touches on everything I'm focusing on.
And it's aesthetically pleasing to my eye. *wink*

From my journal, "Free. That's nice on the ears and eyes and it touches on my 3 H's:

HEALTH - free from my physical prison - aka fat layers + less than desirable level of health
HEART - free from guilt, pain, hardness, numbness
HOME - free up space in my life by continuing to simplify, declutter + getting rid of things.

I know that was a lot to read and take in.
I'll finish with this last sentence...

From my journal: "This year ahead is going to be really hard physically AND emotionally because of the awesomeness I'm looking to uncover within myself." 

Yes!! Amen to that! And if you are looking to uncover your awesomeness too perhaps choosing a word might be something to help motivate you!

If you do the whole choosing a word thing each year and are looking to uncover your awesomeness too, I hope you have found one to keep you energized.

And if you've never tried it...I highly recommend it. Tip: Choose a verb. It's got more power behind it. More action. And that's what choosing a word is about!


I'm definitely going to have to come back to this post and read it when I need a boost of energy and will power. Writing this has pumped me up all over again!!

I've added exercise into my life 2-3 days a week and have been eating so much better for the month of January. I'm a little behind in some goals I set for myself but writing this post has given me some renewed energy to make it happen. 

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