Thursday, August 21

CRAFT | Somewhere over the RainBOW :: Bubble Umbrella

You guys...I have been keeping a super big secret from you…

I have been invited to participate in the "Cricut Design Space Star" Competition!
Holy yes to that!!

I had been wanting to try out the NEW Cricut Explore ever since it launched so when I was contacted to see if I would be interested in competing with some other fabulous bloggers to create a new monthly project from now through November…well...I didn't hesitate.

There's a FUN spin on this friendly competition though…


Tuesday, August 19

FREE | Monthly Blog Hop Printables :: Back-to-School

As of yesterday…school is officially in session in my neck of the woods.
To celebrate…or in my case to get my mind off of the fact that Summer is officially over and my baby is in Kindergarten...
I'm sharing some adorable FREE Back-to-School printables that should knock your school-uniform socks off. *wink*

The Blog Hop this month has everything from calendars to cool lunch box notes, hipster bookplates and first day of school photo signs

Be sure to HOP over to each of these fabulous blogs to check out the full details of each of these cute printables and of course…to download them for FREE.


Now go on and get your "Blog Hop" on…
and tell your mom-friends and teacher friends too!

Ella is LOViNG Kindergarten.
Ema is indifferent to being a Sophomore.
Clara doesn't start college until next week.

So far so good. *wink*


Monday, August 18

LIFE | Kindergarten here she comes

She started Kindergarten today…
that is all.

This mama is at a loss for words today.
Kindergarten is a really big deal…
especially when it's your baby.


Saturday, August 16

SHARE | Heart Strings Tug O' War

With the first day back-to-school just days away I'm in the middle of a fierce game of Tug O' War…
With my heartstrings. *sigh*

The back-and-forth feelings of excitement about my girls growing up…
and…well...the mommy heartache about my girls growing up.
Not to mention the fact that Summer will be officially over. *frown*
Noooo!!! It's seriously my favorite!!

So…with my current emotional state...I was trying to decide on what fun free printable to offer you for the Blog Hop this month. (the theme being "Back-to-School"). I was persuaded, (by my heart strings of course), to create something simple and cute to show my girls how much I love them. Sappy, right? That's okay. I'm down with sappy.

Anyway, cute lunch box notes definitely crossed my mind but the age differences between my girls doesn't really warrant one design - it'd have to be two….maybe even three different design styles to fit their ages. And honestly…I just don't have the time for three different designs. Just keeping it real.

So…yes...instead of cute teacher printables or something related directly to the school day, I decided to go with something that would focus, instead, on bringing me back to center in the middle of all of the hustle and bustle a new school year brings; Something that would encourage myself AND my girls, to pause, (even for just a minute), to be reminded of how much I love each of themand why. 

So here's what I came up with...


Wednesday, August 13

LIFE | The calm before the storm

I've got a tight grip on Summer you guys…I just DON'T want to let go.

I keep thinking about the fact that Ella starts Kindergarten, Clara starts college and my sweet Ema is smack dab in the middle getting ready to begin her Sophomore year in High School.

Things have been pretty chill this Summer including a small but steady stream of orders from my I've definitely been grateful for the sense of calm.

In fact, the Summer lull has allowed me to dive into some fun side projects like this Surprise 80th Birthday Party Save-the-Date I'm working on for a friend's mom. I just LOVE the color scheme we came up with based on her mom's love of Salt Water Taffy.

And you already saw the Baby Love Collection I was able to help whip up for another friend who was hosting a baby shower. (hoping to post pictures from the shower soon).

I've also been able to sneak in some fun at the beach, a backyard sandcastle, cherry pitting, lazy days with EllaAND…for extra fun…the family and I enjoyed a mini staycation this past weekend…

I REALLY needed to unplug and just soak up some sun.

But you know that saying…"The calm before the storm"???
Yep…it's about to get crazy over here.

And I'm not just talking about the fact that school starts on Monday…
I'm referring to some REALLY exciting projects I'm working on.
Two of which have super tight deadlines…I MAY be freaking over a little.

BUT…again…I'm holding onto every minute of Summer I possibly can.
So…until it's Monday morning…and the kids are off to school…there will be no freaking out over deadlines and work stuff.

It's still Summertime in my book.

I'm having some girls over tonight for a Jamberry Nails Party!
Have you heard of these adorable shrink-wrap, nail designs?
Not only are they cute but they are organic, gluten-free, non-toxic and safe for kids! Yes!!


Monday, August 4

INSPIRE | When one idea SPARKLES other ideas

I had a customer reach out to me about using the design of the NEW Baby Love Collection invitation and altering it for her daughter's 2nd birthday celebration. She wanted to swap the "Baby Love" with "She Leaves a Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes". I loved her idea and I love how it turned out.

In fact, I decided to turn it into...


Thursday, July 31

LIFE | Summer Work + Play

Summer for me is always a weird mix of work and play since the kids are home.
I can't really dive into any work-related projects because my mind is distracted by my heartstrings - which are constant reminders to me to spend quality time with my girls while I can. Before we are sucked into the hustle and bustle of the new school year - followed by the back-to-back Fall months that inevitably whisk us away into holiday oblivion.

So…the other day…as I was thinking about this conundrum between Summer Work + Summer Play I was inspired to create the Endless Summer and Bottomless Ice Cream Sundaes art print. Pretty much in love with it - and as I said when I shared the initial inspiration on Instagram…it's FOR REAL who I am.

If you love the print and want it for yourself you can find it HERE in my Etsy Shoppe as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD or you can have it turned into a Tote Bag, Shower Curtain, Duvet Cover, Framed ArtStretched Canvas or Pillow by checking out my Sociey6 shoppe!

I'm on DAY 13 of another Whole30 - except I'm challenging myself this time to a Whole90.
The first time I attempted a Whole90 I made it to Day 76. This time…I'm not giving up or giving in.
In fact, the last day of my Whole90 will be my grandmother's birthday - October 17th. She and my grandfather are my motivating factors for this Whole90. Neither are still here on this Earth but they were both an inspiration to me. In fact, a friend asked me about the Whole90 on Facebook and I figured my response to her could be shared here too:

"I kept starting and stopping Whole30 for the last couple of months - never completing it 100% and I finally just decided to dedicate my efforts to my grandparents, (who are deceased), who were my heroes. If I couldn't find the strength right now to do it for ME…I decided to use the powerful examples they left behind to push me to do this. My grandpa was a P.O.W. in WWII for 6 months in Japan and my grandmother contracted MS in her early 30's so my memories of her was when she was confined to a wheelchair. I figured if my grandpa could live on fish eye balls and his leather flight jacket as a P.O.W. and my grandmother could endure the confinement of a wheelchair, I can certainly suck it up and do a Whole90. The motivation is working. Sounds crazy, I know - but it's what I needed. Both of their birthdays are in October too - my grandpa's is on the 4th and my grandmother's is on the 17th - which will be exactly when I finish my Whole90 journey. I look forward to celebrating my accomplishments as well as their legacy all at the same time."





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