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PARTY PREPS | Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party Invitation

Wednesday, October 9

I'm having a hard time deciding on which invitation to go with for Ella's upcoming "Rainbow Unicorn" birthday party.
She's got her favorite and I've got mine.

Although I have never revealed the invitation pre-party before...
I'm thinking this is such a FUN idea to get you all involved in the voting process...
so if you have an opinion...let me know which version you prefer:

                             Chalkboard Background vs. White Background

Looking forward to your feedback and input!!

This whole "Rainbow Unicorn" theme Ella picked is totally cracking me up.
I remember everything being all rainbows and unicorns at one point when I was growing up!
I've still got a unicorn statue a friend of mine (Missy) gave me for my birthday in elementary school.
It was from the Hallmark store - back in the day when shopping for pens and stickers was totally THE shopping experience all girls craved!
I have no idea how the porcelain unicorn has survived without any chips or breaks all these years?
Ella has it in her room now and LOVES it!
Maybe I'll use it as the cake topper for her party? Ha!!


Bouresgirl said...

Hi Jessica! These are too cute. It's a close competition between the two...I have to say I love the chalk trend but for the invitation, liking the white better. The chalk background looks a bit more "finished off" at the top though being that it is darker. Either one is going to be a hit! :)

Kelly said...

I really like the Chalkboard background. It gives the invite definition.

Kelly said...

I really like the chalkboard background. It gives the invite definition

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thanks for your feedback Andrea and Kelly - I ended up going with the white background - even though I had BIG plans for the Chalkboard background! *wink*
I'll be posting them both in the shoppe and that way customers can pick their favorite! *wink*

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