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Friday, October 4

It's grind time here at my house.
Tomorrow is the big day for our Neighborhood Fall Family Picnic and
I've been working on final preparations to make sure it all comes together nicely.
Which also means there's been no extra time for blogging this week - as you could tell! *wink*

Thought I'd send you off into the weekend with more behind-the-scenes photos into the random bits and pieces of my week:

Adorable Halloween goodies from The TomKat Studio
In love with these items and can't wait to share what I'm doing with all of this. 
Find these items and so much more at The TomKat Studio Shop.

New fave Ditto Dots washi tape from Doodlebug Design, Inc.
Totally perfect colors for Ella's Rainbow Unicorn party coming up in November.

 Halloween Decor for The Pastry Pedestal
The scrapbooking aisle of your local craft store is such a good friend to 
The Pastry Pedestal and the NEW Platforms!! Not to mention so are store-bought pastries! *wink* 
I'll share more deets next week.

New labeling for the Popcorn Bar on Saturday
Loving the new updated "Chalkboard" edition of the Rustic Popcorn Bar Collection.

Kernel Season's Popcorn Spritzer Makeover
It's amazing what a little brown paper bag can do. 
I'll be sharing more details of what else I used brown paper bags to create for the Fall Family Picnic.

New PNPF Branding and Business Cards
You've had to notice the new look of the blog?!
These are my matching business cards I received a few weeks ago. 
I always order the mini business cards from - They are my fave!

There's more...
but there's no more time! *wink*
Story of my life right now.

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!
Believe it or not, even though there's still so much more to do for the Fall Family Picnic...
I'm not stressing about it. I've been pretty calm - up to this point.
I think it's just wisdom as I get older - knowing the world isn't going to end if every little detail I dreamed of doesn't play out. In fact - simple is better.

Now that doesn't mean skipping the small details altogether...
it just means picking and choosing the small details that matter most! Right?

I'm really looking forward to the pie-eating contest on Saturday - it's going to be the highlight of my weekend!
J and some of the other menfolk from the neighborhood are going to be participating
so I can't wait to see how it all plays out!

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