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CRAFT | Witch Broom Hi Hat Cupcake Toppers

Tuesday, October 29

So here's the how-to on making the adorable Rustic Witch Broom Cupcake Toppers
for the "Bewitching Hi Hat Cupcakes" I shared yesterday. You'll need just a few supplies to get started...

That's the visual for how I did it but you can see more adorable details of the finished cupcakes RIGHT HERE! (including witch legs I added using TomKat Studio orange striped straws)

In retrospect the string was unnecessary because an extra piece of raffia works just as good.
I've also determined tying off the bundle of raffia and setting it to the side instead of trying to hold the bundle together while prepping your skewer with hot glue will help to prevent you burning your fingers. Ha!!

So here's my updated recommendation in "written" format for recreating these adorable cupcake toppers:

4" Wooden Skewers (or longer skewers cut down to size)
Hot Glue
String (or extra raffia)

1. Snip a finger full of approximately 2" raffia strands from your supply.
2. Arrange raffia strands with your fingers so they are all the same length at one end.
3. Tie the bundle of raffia strands together using one piece of raffia. (Securing approximately 1/2" from the end you carefully arranged.)
4. Apply hot glue to one end of wooden skewer and slide up into the tied end of bundled raffia.
5. Roll the skewer and raffia bundle together on flat surface to ensure pieces are glued together.
6. If needed, use a small dab of hot glue to wrap another piece of raffia (or string) on top of the first piece of raffia used to tie the bundle together for a more finished look and a more secure bundle.
6. Trim the wispy, untamed end of raffia to achieve the look of a broom.
7. Insert into cupcake

Trim the sticks of the brooms down to accommodate mini Hi Hat cupcakes or brownie bites.

I hope you love it!
I hope you'll try it!
And then I hope you'll leave a comment letting me know!! *wink*

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I burned myself several times making these DIY brooms the way the photos portray.
It was tricky holding the bundle of raffia while trying to add hot glue to the skewer, etc.
Too many steps and not enough hands.
So if you happened to skip over the updated verbal instructions at the bottom of the post...
make sure you go back and read that section.

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