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BEHIND THE SCENES | The Pastry Pedestal Platforms are Shipping!!

Monday, October 28

Guess what I've been busy behind the scenes doing?
Packaging up all of the NEW Pastry Pedestal Platforms you all pre-ordered!!
It's been a lot of work...
but I can absolutely tell you it's been a labor of love!!

There's nothing quite like wrapping up something I worked so hard (for so long) to bring to life...
with all of you encouraging me along the way...reminding me how much you wanted this product and
pushing me to make it happen despite the manufacturing obstacles I was presented with over and over again.

Each piece of baker's twine...
every piece of cute washi tape...
each hand-punched thank you circle and platform tag...
all carefully wrapped and packaged...
Details reminding me of how much it was all worth it to make it happen.

Thank you all so much for your love and support through your encouraging emails and through your many, many orders!

As my little thank you tags say, "Cupcakes and finger foods across the glove are high-fiving!"
And I'm reaching through my screen right now to extend a cyber high-five to all of YOU!
We made it happen...together!! It was definitely a group effort...and I'm grateful to each and every one of you!!

Those of you who pre-ordered will be receiving their new Platforms this week!
(international orders will take a bit longer).
I can't wait for you to receive your beautiful new platforms and come back and share your fun creations with me! Be sure to tag your photos with #pnpflowers and #thepastrypedestal whenever you post via social media so I don't miss your pretty displays!

At the request of so many of you, I've also extended the Pre-Sale Pricing (which includes one set of the new Rod Kits - guaranteed to fit your platforms) through the end of October.
You've got just under 4 days left to snatch yours up before the price increases on November 1st
and the rod kits will then be sold separately.


Ella developed a fever last night and is home from school today.
Sure hope she's feeling better by Thursday to enjoy a night of Trick-or-Treating dressed as a cheerleader! *wink*

J got rear-ended this weekend!
Thankfully he wasn't injured but I sure feel guilty because he was on his way to something
I pretty much pushed him out the door to attend. *sigh*

Wrapping up all of my ideas for Ella's 5th birthday party too!
It's just under 3 weeks away! Nooooo!!!
I tell her everyday she's not allowed to grow up anymore but she just refuses to listen.

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