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SUGAR | Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites

Wednesday, March 6

You HAD to know these were coming!?
I mean they were totally inevitable...right?
My love for peanut butter + chocolate...
plus the Recipe Radar post last week featuring the yummy recipe from +Jamielyn Nye aka +I Heart Nap Time
combined with my love for all things mini sized...
and you've got yourself some...

 Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites SQUARED

Using the same recipe but two different techniques/molds...
you've got yourself two varieties of sinfully delicious grab n' go treats.
Keep reading to get the full scoop and recipe...

To make a mini version of the Peanut Butter Bars from +I Heart Nap Time I used this...

It worked like a charm - they popped out perfectly after about 30 minutes of chilling in the refrigerator.

For a homemade version of the ever popular Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
I used another favorite +Wilton item of mine...

Either version is just the right amount of deliciousness...
and wouldn't you know...
these are just the right size for a fabulous dessert table! *wink*


CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER BITES originally by +I Heart Nap Time 
adapted by Pen N' Paperflowers for mini bites

1 cup salted butter (melted)
2 cups keebler graham cracker crumbs
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 3/4 cups powdered sugar
1 cup peanut butter
1/2 tsp. vanilla
2 (11 oz) bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
small paintbrush (for creating chocolate peanut butter cups)

Combine all ingredients, except chocolate chips in a bowl. Stir until it's smooth and creamy.
Fill each cavity of the square mold with the peanut butter mixture - leaving space to top with chocolate later.
Tap on the counter to help flatten out the peanut butter mixture in each cavity.
Refrigerate for 10 minutes - this keeps the chocolate you'll be adding from sinking into the peanut butter.
Melt chocolate chips in double boiler on the stove - or microwave (at 50% power) for 1-2 minutes. 
Stir melted chocolate until smooth.
Remove chilled peanut butter squares from refrigerator.
Spoon chocolate onto the chilled peanut butter squares - filling cavity completely.
Once all cavities have been topped with chocolate, tap square mold on the counter to create a nice smooth finish.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes to an hour.
Pop out each square and store in an airtight container.

Place the Bite Sized Square Silicone Mold on a cookie sheet to make it super-easy to transport to and from the refrigerator as well as making the tapping process a piece of cake.

Makes approx. 48 Small Square Bites

Melt chocolate chips in double boiler on the stove - or microwave (at 50% power) for 1-2 minutes. 
Stir melted chocolate until smooth.

Arrange empty Mini Treat Cups on a cookie sheet.
Add a spoonful of melted chocolate to mini treat cup.
Use a small paint brush to spread chocolate up the side and bottom of treat cup. (see video below)
Once all mini treat cups have been filled with chocolate, refrigerate for 10 minutes.
Combine all other ingredients in a bowl. Stir until the mixture is smooth and creamy.
Remove chilled chocolate cups from refrigerator.
Spoon peanut butter mixture into chocolate cups and smooth with back of spoon - leaving space for chocolate topping to be added later.
Refrigerate for 10 minutes.
Remove chilled peanut butter cups from refrigerator and top with the remaining melted chocolate.
Using the small paintbrush, swirl the chocolate topping to create a smooth, decorative finish.
Refrigerate for an hour.
Store in airtight container until ready to serve.

Place the mini treat cups on a cookie sheet to make it super-easy to transport to and from the refrigerator.

Makes approx. 30 Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups


Here's a quick Vine-Style Video sharing my process for creating chocolate dessert cups:

– You will need an extra bag of chocolate chips to make the mini version.
– When making the Squares,  refrigerate peanut butter mixture before adding melted chocolate.
– Use semi-sweet chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

These. are. YUMMY!
I hope you'll try them.
They are really simple and a bit addicting - so watch out!
If you try them - let me know how yours come out.

If you are looking for other Peanut Butter + Chocolate desserts...

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Mini Treat Cups by Wilton
Semi Sweet Chocolate by Ghirardelli
Square Silicone Mold by Wilton

My insistence on photographing things with natural light lead to some peculiar photo shoot settings sometimes.
When I photographed these, I propped the chalkboard background I was using right on top of my hedges outside.
Yep. I'm not even kidding.
They happened to be the perfect height at the right time of day!
When my house is too dark, I'll usually use my front porch or back porch.
I've never used my bushes before that was definitely extra peculiar.
I'm certain my neighbors think I'm strange.


Creative Printables said...

I love the square cups!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Aren't the square ones adorable Creative Printables? LOVED the simplicity of popping them out too!

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