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promise ME | #33 - mailboxes for the girls' rooms

Tuesday, April 26

I've been trying to get these mailboxes painted for the girls for some time now...
And I finally finished them up...


I saw this idea somewhere a LONG time ago and loved the concept behind it:
Place a mailbox in your child's room to leave little notes, surprises, etc.
I've seen them used strictly for Valentine's Day too. (see this post from How Does She?)

But I wanted something I could use year-round...
to keep the lines of communication open...
especially as children get older and social calendars begin to develop.
as is the case with my two older daughters - Clara (14) and Ema (12).

There have been many times when I've left little notes on their mirrors, dressers
or pillows after a disagreement or even when I'm just feeling sentimental.
I decided I wanted to add a designated location in each of their rooms especially for those moments.
So I finally tackled the project by adding it to my "promise ME" list.

With Easter approaching...
I quickly realized I could present these to the girls for Easter...
since they don't really need baskets anymore for egg hunting. *sniffle* 

I filled them with a few little things I knew they'd appreciate...
(an adorable chocolate Lindt carrot, a bottle of nail polish and nail art stickers, lip gloss, 
mini reese cups, mini robin's eggs and one of the mini fractures I shared with you last week.)

I kept the mailboxes creamy white and just added a ribbon so that we can change up the color schemes easily
for each time the girls decide to redecorate their rooms...*wink*
(I also added a painted paper flower to this one and I think I'll go ahead and do the same for the other two mailboxes as well).

The girls were excited to get their mailboxes...
I'm excited to start this fun little tradition with them...
And I'm also feeling a sense of accomplishment since I can now cross this off my "promise ME" list! *wink*

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holiday with your family and loved ones...

Busy...busy...busy around here.
The launch of the patent-pending party product I invented, the Pastry Pedestal, is fast approaching.
You may have noticed my shoppe is still closed.
I decided to extend the temporary closing until the end of April...
I've run into one hurdle after another while trying to finalize one final detail so we can officially make these available!!
Thanks for your patience everyone!!!
I've been loving the enthusiastic emails I keep receiving inquiring about how and when to purchase them.
I promise they are coming soon!!!

Psst...I squeezed in some crafting time I'd been longing for and came up with THEE most adorable DiY ever!
It'll be posted on HWTM on Friday but I may have to give you a sneak peek before then.
It turned out even more adorable than I had imagined in my head! *wink*


stacy said...

I love this idea!! I can't wait to do it for my girls!

Lindsay said...

What a cute idea! Your so creative!

Evergirl said...

What a wonderful idea!!

Traditions like that really does mean a lot even when one grow older. When I was little, we used to have an easter rooster (because around here, chickens and roosters are the easter animal instead of the bunnies) that my mum used to fill with some sweets every morning. My brother and I was so excited, and even to this day, when I visit during easter time, there are usually some sweets for us. It's just a lovely tradition.

Did you make the letter boxes yourself? They are really nice!

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