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Wednesday, April 13

Good Morning everyone!
In my ongoing search for simplicity among the craziness/chaos and exciting things going on in my world...

I've got another "SiMPLE" party to share with you today.
Proving that with just a few "key" party elements...
you can host a personalized party without breaking the bank...
and you can still capture pieces of the party perfectly...
without "professional photography".

party girl: April
celebration type: 2nd birthday party
theme: puppy
color palette: brown, red and white
inspiration: her son's love for puppies and soccer balls

When April reached out to me about her son's upcoming 2nd birthday party...
she mentioned three specific things:
• she wanted a puppy and a soccer ball included on the invite
• the party would be held at Empire Gymnastics Academy - a gym April is the owner of.
• she envisioned the invitation having a red background

Taking that's what I came up with...

April then had an adorable puppy cake created to match the cute is that?!
(By taking a close-up photo of the cake, April captured the details perfectly).

She also used the cupcake toppers I created to tie in the theme...
a very simple and inexpensive way to make an ordinary cupcake "extraordinary"!
(again, a close-up photo captures the details of the special day)

After an afternoon filled with "ruff" and "tumble" April sent little guests home with a simple "doggie bag"...
filled with birthday treats neatly tied off with an adorable dog bone tag. 
here's the adorable birthday boy (left) "hangin" with his best bud Cohen (right)...

That's it...
• An invitation setting the stage and theme of the party.
• Coordinating cupcake toppers to help personalize the desserts
• A matching birthday cake
• some simple favors to thank everyone for coming
• an age-appropriate location
• and some key snapshots to capture the details of the day.
That's all it REALLY takes to make a birthday memorable...

My favorite party details:
• the creative puppy cupcakes April created using cookies to mimic dog ears. (look at the background in the cake photo).
• the location of the party - the gym allows kids to run wild and free with their friends.
the cake - it couldn't have been more perfect!

Thanks for sending in your post-party photos April - they were absolutely perfect in showcasing David's special day!

Here's the invitation with a white background as well...
(You'll find both versions of the invitation available in the shoppe at the end of April)

I hope that through all you have going on in your own busy world...
you can manage to find the beauty in the simple things! is what happens while we are busy doing other things.

If you've got a party/event coming up...
remember to take the time to actually "be" at the celebration...
and enjoy it!

Although the tidbits of advice I often throw out here on my blog seem to be directed towards you...
They are really intended to remind, lift or inspire ME! *wink*

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