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Monday, April 18

I absolutely LOVE to paint.
And it really doesn't matter what it is I'm painting...
fingernails & toes...

There's just something therapeutic about it for me.
Ella and I took some time on Friday to get a little crafty together by doing some painting:


It felt tremendously good to spend quality time with Ella doing something fun...
all while working towards accomplishing something I've been excited about...

Since these aren't finished, I don't want to give away all of the details just yet.
I'll be back later this week to fill you in on my thoughts behind this project...
and ultimately the finished details.

I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your weekend...
Mine was "gorgeous"...

I didn't say my gorgeous weekend was perfect.
I dealt with major attitude from my two older girls while at the neighborhood family picnic.
It was torture for them to be there...*rolling my eyes*

But I tried REALLY hard to maintain my gorgeous attitude and focus on having fun and being social.
(which I admit is not something we do often enough around here lately). *wink*

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