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promise ME | Monthly check in: MARCH

Monday, April 4


These are officially on the way to all of the "promise ME peeps" out there!
These were designed by me and manufactured by a company called Fracture - whom I adore.
These particular ones are fracture minis and are meant to be used as coasters or can also be displayed as a mini piece of art.
In this case...they are mini reminders of the journey we are on!
They are simple and sweet and I hope you love them!

So how ARE you doing, by the way?
March flew by right by for me...but I was still able to accomplish:


And we were able to dine at  De Lano on the Park for promise #39 - making this the second restaurant in my list of 12.
By the way - service was incredibly slow and the food wasn't worth the wait - although I was feeling extremely ill the night we went so it could've been me since I was so anxious to leave.

Where ever you are in your "promise ME" journey - enjoy it.
Even if you aren't as far along as you'd like...(which would be me right now)
This is supposed to be fun...
not another list of "tasks" we're all racing to cross-off.
If it's starting to feel like that for any of you - re-evaluate your list.
Cross some things off and save them for next time.

Hugs to all of you!
Thank you SO very much for your ongoing daily votes in the Top 25 Party Plannin' Moms Contest!
Right now I'm holding onto 9th place so I hope you don't mind...
I'm going to keep buggin' you for votes until the contest ends the 11th of April! *wink*
Cast your VOTE right here!!

The little "promise ME" gifts should've gone out almost 2 weeks ago.
There was a mix-up in the order so it had to be re-sent - sorry about that!

I'm happy to report that I was able to try out a quick crafting technique that I think you'll enjoy trying to.
(more to come on that).

Ella has been climbing out of her crib for the past couple of weeks now.
She'll suddenly appear out of nowhere...still 1/2 asleep...and will say "Hi Mommy!" - using a very high pitched, excited voice.
Excited because she's escaped and has found another avenue of independence.
High-pitched because she's unsure as to whether or not she's going to get in trouble for climbing out.
I believe she's intentionally trying to be as cute and sound as "happy" as she possibly can to stave off any reprimanding she might receive.  And it works. *wink*
She was up at 6 a.m. this morning...
so much for getting in those early-morning hours of dedicated work-time! *sigh*


Craft That Party said...

Oh I am swooning over this little gift coming to us. I love the idea of having something in my house as a visual reminder of my promises.
I did better this month than I thought considering the craziness of life!!!

Unknown said...

I love how you've put it all out there for everyone to see and share. I haven't joined your journey but you've inspired me to sit down and think about what it is I should be promising myself!
Also, LOVE the fracture minis, do you know if they are going to make that style available to everyone??

Unknown said...

Jenny - I'm equally excited for you to receive the little gift! You'll have to let me know what you think once you get it into your hands.

Stacy - although they don't advertise the minis on their site right now you can contact them via email. Tell them I sent you and they should be more than willing to help you out. They are super friendly and great to work with.

Renee said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement, Jess! I love all the goodies that you always share.

I off to vote for you now; I am also working on a very special project now as we speak, wink!

Sage & Muse said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just got back from Boston and my little prezzie was waiting for me. I love it. Thank you for the gift and the reminder of my promises.

Angela said...

I'm SO excited to receive this little gift in the mail!! This journey is so much more gratifying and less stressful than New Year's Resolutions! Thank you.

Angela said...

Ella is climbing out of her crib already?!! Oh my goodness. Seems sweet E is ready for a big girl bed now. Gosh, time goes by fast J.

I asked Scoutie to stop growing and stay 3 forever the other day and Finn tells responds "now way mom. 3 is annoying!" lol

ps. You don't have to post this. *grin*

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