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Friday, April 1

UPDATED: We have a winner!
Congratulations ScrappinMissy!!!

I thought I'd send you off on your weekend with a little something I found back in February...

 glass flower candle holders

I was in love with these the moment I saw them and just knew I had to share them with you!!

I gave a matching set away as my swap gift for the Martha Stewart DiD's meeting I attended here in Florida...
but I failed to photograph them before I gave them away.

So...I finally had some extra time last week to stop into my favorite cupcakery to purchase more.
And I squeezed in a minute to take some photos to share here.


Now would be the time for me to share the link with all of you interested in purchasing some of your own.
However, after scouring the web looking for places that carry these...
and even after numerous attempts at contacting the manufacturer directly...
I have ZERO information to share.
Can you believe that?

Although my favorite cupcakery carries them...
they are swamped with cupcake orders!
It's not something they are really interested in having to ship - or take orders for.

So here's the deal...
Instead of feeling like I'm pulling an "April Fool's Day joke" by sharing something so completely adorable
and yet not being able to offer any information on where to get it...
how about we solve this dilemma with a giveaway?

The very first person to come back here and leave a comment...
sharing a direct link with us all about where to find and order more of these...
will win my favorite of the bunch...


I'll ship this adorable orange and aqua daisy glass candle holder to the winner!!

• you must be the very FiRST person to respond
the link you share must be a direct link to purchase and must work properly. *wink* 
• U.S. residents only

INFO. to help you in your search:
• distributed by Ganz (that's all I've got)

That's it.

And if by chance no one else has any luck...
I'll go to Plan B because I'm determined to get these into your hands!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!
Happy April Fool's Day!!

Please don't forget to help me out with your daily votes for the 
I sincerely appreciate the love and support already shown by so many of you.
I'm currently in 7th place and hope to stay up in the top 10.
Voting ends April 11th..
I have a feeling an influx of votes will be cast last minute...
so taking advantage of being able to vote daily really helps with the numbers I think.
A sincere thanks everyone!

And WOW!
Did you hear about the turnout for the "For Japan with Love" disaster relief campaign?
The original goal was to raise $5,000.
The donations exceeded $60,000! 
You guys are amazing - and so are the thousands of other people who contributed.

I've temporarily closed my shoppe until April 18th to focus primarily on "the launch of the Pastry Pedestal!" (coming mid to late April).
This decision comes as a result of the reevaluating I mentioned I'd be doing. (see this post)
Thanks for the overwhelming amount of supportive comments following that post.
I know there are so many of us struggling with the same thing.
I took your words to heart. *wink*


ScrappinMissi said...

I found someone on Ebay selling a similar product for those that are intrested. But these are not the same brand as the ones you have, I don't believe.

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

These aren't exactly the same but similar?

stacysings said...

Pick me
stacy angeloff

Unknown said...

Hi Stacy...

Did you find them somewhere on the web? I saw the link you posted leading back to my site...wasn't sure if you meant to put something different. Can't wait to see what you've found!

Unknown said...

We have an official winner..
Scrappin' Missi.
Those are indeed the same brand of glass candle holders.
Send your mailing address to me at:

And thanks Michele for your participation too! Your link was the exact same link as ScrappinMissi...

I can tell you that I paid less for mine than what they are listed for...I'm hoping we'll all come across them somewhere else for cheaper.

Lyric Haven Crochet said...

Those are adorable!!

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