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behind the scenes | the Pastry Pedestal logo

Monday, April 11


Among finalizing the logo design and tagline for the upcoming release and launch of the Pastry Pedestal...
I've also been consumed with product styling, photo shoots, packaging, website design, pricing, etc...

It's hard to believe we are quickly approaching the actual launch date...I am SO excited.
And I'm even more excited about the inquiries from so many people interested in snatching these up as soon as they are available! 


Thank you SO much for your positive feedback and support all along the way!
As you might expect it's all a bit intimidating...
putting myself out there with an idea I'm hoping everyone will love as much as I do.
However, it's also completely rewarding to watch it come to life.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend - our weather was BEAUTiFUL here in Florida.

By the is the LAST day to get your final votes in for me!
Your support has been seriously amazing!
Thank you SO very much as always for being such a wonderful group of readers/friends.

As much as I'm loving being super busy with all of the AMAZiNG things going on right now...
I'm also REALLY craving some down-time to bake and do the things I've been missing for awhile.
I have managed to squeeze in an adorable diy I'll be sharing's SO cute! *squeal*


coco said...

This is totally unrelated to this post but I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Just found you a week or two ago... also, am joining your "promise me" challenge and emailing you my address (as you requested on one of the posts, don't remember which one!) Anywho - Thanks for all of the cute ideas and for challenging me to push myself in a few areas!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

Love the logo, super cute! Can't wait to see all the final details come together with the packaging too! So excited for your new product!

Fresh FĂȘte said...

Totally lovin your pastry pedestal idea!! Just letting you know that I mentioned it over to Kelly from the on Facebook a couple of days ago when she asked for ideas for her upcoming issue for her magazine.

Think it would be great for ya!! =)

Love ur work

Unknown said...

Thanks for being so excited about the product everyone! You've no idea how happy that makes me.

Ranin - Thank you SO very much for the mention to Kelly! That was so super sweet of you!! That would be fantastic...

LMB said...

The logo looks fantastic...I can't wait to buy these. I've already thought of ideas for how to use them!

selphishgirl said...

Your logo is adorable and I love you clever idea! You deserve much success and I can see that a lot of hard work has been put into it. Your blog is a place of inspiration, both creatively and in real life. You are such a positive person and you put yourself out there for all of us by keeping it real. You are in inspiration. Thanks and congratulations! ~Jena

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