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12 days of SIMPLE holiday gift giving • day 8

Monday, December 20

Day 8 brings with it the opportunity for "reaching out"...
which is the sole purpose behind these 12 Days of Simple Holiday Gift Giving.


Remember the gift I received from the "Recycle Man"?


It was the gift that became the inspiration behind the entire concept of the 12 Days of Simple Holiday Gift Giving.
now that we've been filling our hearts with the warm holiday spirit through music, scents, lights, greetings, cheer, movies and warmth...
It's time now to share that holiday spirit through a little bit of expression and reaching out...

And today I'm specifically talking about the people who provide a specific "service" to us.
Take a minute to write a little note expressing your appreciation to:
• your recycle man
• your mail carrier (USPS, Fed Ex, UPS, etc.)
• your newspaper delivery man
and especially...
to those who are serving our country.

It doesn't have to be a 2 page letter.
It doesn't need to be on fancy stationery.
It simply needs to be a sweet, warm sentiment of gratitude.
The point is just to make the time to say thank you.
A little goes a long way.

• Use the "Thank You" cards from the FREE Bundle of Greeting Cards I posted on Day FOUR

I even found the perfect "Thank You" candy bar at CVS:
merci european chocolates

And if you're up for baking...

Here's that recipe for that loaf of "Best Ever Banana Bread" that was left at our doorstep. (see this post)

Saying thank you only takes a minute...
But the feelings it stirs for both the recipient and giver are long-lasting...
and far-reaching!
And "reaching" out is what it's all about...
isn't it??

With that said...
I'm sending you the warmest, most sincere THANK YOU for being here...
for reading along with me and reaching out through your comments and emails.
My heart is full this holiday season.

Create a "sentiments" jar for someone you love and care about.
Simply write down the things you love about them on strips of paper. (plain or decorative)
Fold or curl and place inside a decorative jar. (something that allows for easy access to the sentiments).
This is a GREAT gift idea for children to create for their parents or grandparents.
It's also a sweet way for you to remind your children of their special talents and how much you love them...
(If you create it to match their rooms they'll be more likely to leave it out on display - turning it into a daily reminder).

• Still have shopping to finish up.
• I already have a pile of returns...*grumbling*
• Tree still needs the decorations put BACK on after the "tipping experience" (details in this post)
• We'll be watching our Christmas movie tonight, eating our kettle corn and sipping on hot chocolate!! I'm excited!

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