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12 days of SIMPLE holiday gift giving • day 3

Wednesday, December 15

With our holiday music playing in the background...(day 1)
and our "simmering Christmas" on the stove...(day 2)

Our holiday sense of hearing and smell have been met.
Now it's time to cater to another one of our senses...


Our sense of sight!!

SUGGESTION #1: Inside Lights
If you don't already have your lights up...get them out.
Don't roll your eyes...I said get them "out"...not "up".
If you don't have the time/energy to put them up on the house or tree,
I encourage you to at least take out a strand and decorate SOMETHING in your home.
• Wrap it around that wreath you need to hang...
• Throw it on a plant you've brought in from the cold...
• Run it along your fireplace mantle, countertop or piece of furniture.
• Place it around the mirror in the kids bathroom
• Make a homemade potpourri burner with a strand of lights & potpourri. (see SIMPLE GIFT GIVING IDEA at the bottom of this post).
Create a "Christmas Corner" by placing the lights near your holiday music source and a fragrant candle.
It's "something".
And something is better than "nothing".

Here are our christmas lights...
strung on the most beautiful Christmas tree I've ever had -
and still with no other decorations at this point. *wink*
We went to "Santa's Christmas Tree Forest" on Saturday and although we could've cut one down...
the girls picked out a gorgeous Frasier Fir shipped from North Carolina.

SUGGESTION #2: Outside Lights
Throw just a couple of light strands on your bushes outside.
Or wrap up a couple of trees...
You don't have to decorate your entire yard or house...
a few strands will still make for a nice holiday welcome for guests or for when you return home in the evenings.

Here are our bush lights...
Nothing spectacular but they sure make me happy.
We put these up in 15 minutes last night -
If time and energy permits, I'd still like to add lights to some trees
and the girls and I REALLY want the icicle lights on the house.
notice I didn't include J on wanting the icicle lights up...*wink*

SUGGESTION #3: Neighborhood Lights
Don't have time or energy for outside lights on your own home?
Don't have lights leftover from years past or a budget that will allow for purchasing new ones?
Not even a strand?
That's okay.
Take a stroll around your neighborhood - either by car or on foot - depending on your weather
and take in the sights of all of the christmas lights.
Plan it. Schedule it right now.
and then do it.
If you are in the car...don't forget your holiday music.
If you go by foot...
and you are brave enough...
sing, whistle or hum some carols as you walk along. *wink*
Upon your return home, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

Bottom line is this...
Everyone has different time constraints, energy levels, schedules, budgets, etc.
Pick one (or more) of the suggestions listed that fit YOU and your family.
A little effort goes a long way.

Know an elderly person or someone who is incapable of putting up their own holiday decorations?
• Bring them a miniature tree or wreath decorated with lights and small red bows made from ribbon. Simple.
• Offer to string up some lights (requires your time only)
Create a homemade potpourri burner by filling a glass jar/vase/container with potpourri and a strand of 100-count lights. (Dangle the cord outside of the vessel to plug it in or use battery-operated lights). The heat of the lights will warm the potpourri thereby releasing the scent.
Wrap the container with a bow made from ribbon, fabric or twine...
Add a gift tag.

I just want to add really quickly how much I am LOVING the emails I'm receiving in regards to these posts.
Knowing you are touched and inspired has left my heart SO full!
Thanks for taking a minute to reach out and share with me.
It means SO much!

my tree doesn't just have lights on it like I claimed earlier.
It also has Dollar Store candy canes hanging on it - (per Ema's request)
and all of them have been shifted to the top level of the tree since little Ella pie likes to collect and eat them when no one is looking! *wink*

Do I REALLY want to bother putting up the rest of the ornaments...
knowing Ella will be planning her attack at any given moment!
Part of me says "no".
The other part of me says...
"Absolutely! This is all part of the season".
one day...
when my children are fully grown and have families of their own...
I suspect I'll be wishing they were still little enough for me to find hiding in a corner...
eating those candy canes...
while ripping apart one of my prized ornaments. *wink*

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