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{in the kitchen} gingerbread cinnamon buns

Wednesday, December 8

While I'm busy working away on custom invitations/designs, finalizing the post for the "To the Moon" baby shower and proofing photos of Ella's 2nd birthday party...

I figured I'd treat you to a holiday recipe I tried for the first time over the weekend...
These would be perfect to help make your holiday breakfast extra special.
(Or bring them to work and surprise your co-workers..although one taste and you may want to hog them all yourself...but the season IS all about "giving" isn't it?! *wink*


Gingerbread Cinnamon Buns

Click HERE for the downloadable version of this recipe
Recipe Source: Better Homes and Gardens 2010 Holiday Baking magazine

Although these require some time for rising...they really aren't that difficult to make and are REALLY quite tasty.
They would be fun to make with the kids too - imperfections and all! *wink*
I love them especially warm - so pop them in the microwave if you happen to have leftovers.

• Don't add too much flour or overknead - mine were a little thick/doughy.
• Use fresh yeast - I guess mine was old because they didn't rise as good as they should've.
• If you'd like to prepare and bake these the day before your event/breakfast/gathering, just wrap them up after the drizzle has hardened and throw them in the microwave before serving. They have WONDERFUL flavor.

Despite too much flour, overkneading and less than fresh yeast - my results were still delicious and I would definitely invest the time to make these again.

I'm gearing up for a "12 Days of Holiday Gift Giving" next week to begin the countdown to Christmas.
Some ideas will be mine...and other ideas will be things I've found around the web.
I hope to inspire you to really get into the spirit of "giving" and savor the season instead of allowing it to spin out of control with "too much to do".

I've been exhausted over the last 3 days.
I think all of the festivities in November have finally caught up with me?
Not to mention the fact that I don't ever sleep in on the weekends either. (although anywhere between 4:30-5:30 would be considered sleeping-in compared to my usual 4a.m.)?
And this past weekend I was baking and cooking like a fiend.
I think my body is saying, "Hey you...time to rest for a minute"...

It also doesn't help that it's been 34° outside either - I despise cold weather - it makes me cranky and causes me to crave being snuggled up in a blanket all day long. I don't know how you northern people survive the winters...yikes!!

And I'll have you know the "12 Days of Holiday Gift Giving" I just mentioned that will be starting next week is really to inspire ME...
I really need something that will keep things in perspective for ME as I go about the rigamarole of the holidays.
I figure the side benefit will be if it happens to inspire the rest of you too! *wink*


Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

Yum, these look delicious! I really hope to make some cinnamon rolls this holiday!

Anna said...

Yum! I love gingerbread and this sounds fantastic. The sugared cranberries make it look so festive. If my coworkers stay nice to me, I might bring a batch of these to work. Thank you for sharing!

Renee said...

Oh, Jess, these look so yummy! Thanks for sharing!! Thanks, too, for your beautiful message! It is always such a delight to visit with you!! xox

Unknown said...

Those look so good.

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