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12 days of SIMPLE holiday gift giving • day 10

Wednesday, December 22

The element of surprise...
That's one of the magical things about Christmas Day, isn't it?
I remember the feeling quite vividly as a child...
staring at the presents under the tree days before Christmas...
Trying to figure out if more gifts were added from the day before...
Wondering how many belonged to me...
Imagining the amazing things hidden beneath the packaging...
And preoccupied with dreams of what Santa would leave me.


Holiday Surprises!!!
Who doesn't LOVE surprises?!
I decided to dedicate an entire post to the concept of spreading "holiday cheer" through leaving behind small "holiday surprises"!
I'm calling this the "Holiday Surprise Challenge" and it's SO easy...
I'm in LOVE with the idea.

Here's how it works.
Buy yourself a full bag of your favorite individually wrapped holiday candy.
It could be anything from peanut butter cups, chocolate kisses, or how about

some mini candy canes?

The challenge?
Empty the bag by the close of Christmas Eve by "surprising" each person you come in contact with over the next 2 days.
I'm referring to cashiers, waiters/waitresses, bank tellers, store clerks, post office employees, fast food personnel, bathroom janitors, etc.
This is the "reaching out" we've been focusing on that will keep our Holiday Spirit warm and cozy!
Take the bag with you everywhere you go for the next 2 days and see what happens.

I'm calling this a "challenge" for a couple of different reasons.
ONE: remembering to do this will in itself be a challenge because the next two days may be crazy-busy for most of us. (get your kids in on it...they'll have fun reminding you).

TWO: uncomfortable feelings about reaching out to people may present a challenge for some of you. (do it anyway).

The point is to slow down...
enjoy the process and the true holiday spirit of the season.
Take a minute to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"...
and leave behind the element of surprise we are all familiar with and long for.
Trust me...
No one will be expecting it.
Tensions are high...
People are full-focused on completing their to-do lists...
Financial burdens may be overwhelming some people...
Retail employees seem to be stressed out...
(Has anyone else noticed stores full of "seasonal helpers" who don't know the answers to anything and have been strategically "stationed" and told not to move from their posts?)
Let's help cut through some of the thick "commercialized Christmas"...
the "robotic" inquiries of "Hi, how are you?"

Step out of your comfort zone and hand them a bit of Holiday Cheer.
Too shy?
Leave it behind anonymously.
the bag...
One person at a time...
The feelings and responses you get may "SURPRISE" you!

Put some festive candy in a jar.

Keep it simple by simply filling a jar and adding a tag...

or strategically arrange it in a jar for unique presentation

Happy Holidays everyone!
Hang on...
we've only got a couple more days to soak in the Holiday Spirit!!
Enjoy it!!!

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I mentioned in my post yesterday that you should grab yourself a bag of candy in preparation for today's post.
Well....I forgot to pick one up myself. *wink*
But I'll be doing that today before heading to the post office.
I've got a few holiday cards still left to mail. *wink*
And I'll remember to leave behind a "Holiday Surprise" for the post office clerk when I do.

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