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Friday, December 3

Planning ahead...
For me, sometimes this happens on purpose and sometimes it just happens to work out.

In this case, it was completely intentional and strategic.
When I was planning my Thanksgiving table/decor and dessert table I was very adamant about choosing a color scheme that would easily transition into the December holidays.
When I have to make an investment in something, (including my time, energy or financially), I try my very best to make sure I'll be able to use it again.
By choosing vintage blue, brown and creme as my base colors for Thanksgiving...


I'm now able to easily transition into the Christmas holidays by substituting my orange accent color for RED...


All I have to do is walk around the house replacing every piece of orange ribbon, fabric or piece of floral with RED!!

Well this just so happens to benefit you as well.
There were so many of you who loved the Fall Collection printables I designed but conveyed you were hosting celebrations during the December holidays instead of Thanksgiving.

By substituting the orange accents for red and adding some winter holiday art...

The collection you loved so much - is now available in "Happy Holiday" colors...

You can purchase this collection at 50% off from now until midnight, December 5th
Go HERE to take advantage of the savings...

So you see...
A little bit of strategic planning on my part actually worked out for the both of us!!

I'm looking forward to the day ahead - and to the weekend.
I'll be baking some goodies and photographing some things to share with you next week.
Happy Friday!

Okay - seriously.
I'm really over having to wait to post photos/details from the three parties from November.
To wait....???
or not to wait?
That is the question!
If I didn't have vendors that I would love to have featured on Amy Atlas, I would just go ahead and post everything.
I'm so torn...
I just keep thinking..."Today could be THE day she features them..."?? *sigh*


Madera y Zinc said...

This colours combination are elegant, great and cool!! You're absolutely the best!

Kori Clark said...

and Today is that day!! Yay!

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

Love your way to transition the fall line to make it into the holiday line! Congrats on both of your features today at Amy Atlas! Love how the two showers turned out! The "She's going to Pop" was absolutely adorable...loved the colors, bubbles and the plate wall art, WOW! I love seeing what you are going to come up with next!

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