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12 days of SIMPLE holiday gift giving • day 2

Tuesday, December 14

We are at Day TWO of our 12 days of SIMPLE holiday gift giving here at Pen N' Paperflowers!

I hope you are enjoying the journey we're taking to encourage the holiday spirit to touch your heart and help keep it around during these last few hectic, busy days before Christmas.

Yesterday's post encouraged you to put on some music.
Today's SIMPLE holiday gift appeals to the senses as well...


It's a proven fact that our senses play a role in our overall mood.
So why not encourage the holiday spirit through your sense of smell?

How about lighting a fragrant candle? Simple.

Look around your house before running to the store to buy one.
If you happen to have a pretty neutral fragrance, like vanilla, add a few whole cloves to spice things up.
The scent of the cloves will be released by the warmth of the wax.
(see disclaimer at bottom of post)

Here's another one of my favorite things to do...
I LOVE creating a pot of what I call "simmering Christmas"...


All you need is a small pot of water and a few ingredients
and you are well on your way to filling your home with the smells of the holiday season.
(see THIS POST for all of the details and how-to)

"Simmering Christmas Suggestions"
• keep it simple - fill your pot, add your spices, bring to a boil and turn down to simmer. that's it!
• use things you already have on hand - don't make a run to the store unless you have to.
• use lemons, apples OR oranges


"Simmering Holiday" gift bags

Just fill a bag with a piece of fruit, a sprinkle of whole cloves and some cinnamon sticks.
Tie with ribbon. Done! (since spices can be expensive - buy bulk from Costco or Sam's; you'll have enough for 10+ gifts and to keep your own pot refreshed throughout the holidays).

With your home filled with holiday music...
and the fragrance of the holidays...
Your heart will surely be warmed by the spirit of the season!

Disclaimer: I haven't personally tried adding cloves to my candles so I have no idea if the cloves will catch on fire...use caution. Add cloves only after the candle has a deep pool of wax and don't leave the candle unattended. I'm assuming the cloves will sink to the bottom of the wax as it continues to burn.

I'm loving these 12 Days of SIMPLE Holiday Gift Giving.
I need me some SIMPLE right now!!
I'm reminded of the little things that make a big difference...
Never mind the Christmas tree that only has lights on it...
the Christmas lights for the house that still need to be put up...
the holiday photo we took this weekend using a self-timer (NOT my typical level of effort)
and the fact that I just ordered our holiday cards last night...
and yeah...
the gifts.
I need to start my shopping. *wink*
But it's all good. I'm not worried or stressed. Really.
(briskly walking to light my candle, start a pot of "simmering Christmas" and to blast my favorite Glee Christmas song: We Need a Little Christmas)!! *wink*

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Renee said...

Thanks, Jess, for sharing all of this holiday goodness! You are the best!!

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