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a magical collaboration in the Land of Oz...

Wednesday, November 10

What do you get when you take this:

(a silhouette and gingham pattern I created)

Send it to Kim at the TomKat Studio who then created this invitation
(and other coordinating party accessories)


Who then sends the invitation and party accessories to Kate Landers Events, LLC
who uses them to create this....



You get a magical collaboration special enough to be featured on Amy Atlas Events yesterday!

Can I just say I'm always beside myself when I see the designs I create brought to life through party printables by Kim! I can't tell you enough how fortunate I am to have connected with Kim and to have been able to collaborate on several of her designs. She's SO talented and sweet and beautiful and I can't wait to hang out with her in NYC come January.

And then there's the amazing Kate whom I was able to connect with some time back when I designed the logo/silhouettes she's using on her blog. Kate has the ability to create amazing parties that transport any child to a world beyond this one. This Wizard of Oz party she put together was SO adorable. Some of my favorite elements include:
• Auntie Em's jam favors
• yellow brick road, hot air balloon, basket cookies & more from The Cookie Jar
• the cookies from Queen of Tarts Cakes created using the Dorothy silhouette & printables by Kim...CUTE!!
• Baskets used as trays/props on the dessert table
• the aprons and attire the guests got to wear at the party
• the crisp, clean color palette of blue and white
• the coordinating designer oreos from one of my fav vendors..."Sweeties by Kim"

Everything was spectacular!!
Such a sweet, sweet party...

You'll LOVE pouring over the FULL party details on each of their blogs.
They are also hosting giveaways associated with the party as well.
Be sure to check out both...

Thank you Kim and Kate...I'm thrilled to have been a small part of such a wonderful collaboration between two incredibly talented women!

I've been anticipating this for months.
I knew the party was being planned but I didn't have a clue as to when it would be announced...
and I didn't have any other details.
I was completely surprised and thrilled to see it all put together!
And having it featured on Amy Atlas was enough to send me into the magical world of Oz! *wink*

Please don't forget to enter the Lauren McKinsey giveaway...
Last day to enter is tomorrow...Thursday, November 11th.
Winner to be announced Friday, November 12th


Unknown said...

ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL! You should be thrilled! your design completely set the stage for a wonderful party! :)


Lindsey {Bella Grace Party Designs} said...


Roberta said...

Wow Jess...this party was so great and I went to Amy's website yesterday to check it all the details. My son's baby theme was the Wizard of Oz and my mom embroidered him the quilt and crib sheets and even hand-sewed him a scarecrow doll so this was really sentimental for me. Congrats on your designs and being part of this. Fondly, Roberta

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

What an amazing party! All the details came together absolutely perfect! said...

Sounds as though you haven't seen the COOKIES that were made using your lovely Dorothy image! Take a look at Queen of Tarts Cakes on Facebook to see the edible images we created for Kim at TomKat Studios using her party printable and your Dorothy image!

Ann Heenan said...

I love the Dorothy image you created!!!!!

Unknown said...

Jess, you are amazing. I *love* my logo you designed (PERFECTION) and the Dorothy silhouettte and gingham patterns for Kim's collection. You really are huge creative talent, and it is a pleasure and honor to not only know you, but to work with you. You are quite the party stylist yourself. I hope we can work together again on another project soon! THANK YOU for your huge part of this party!


Hazelbug said...

Awesome!! Love love love your designs!! Great job :)

Sweetly Sweet said...

Wow, the Dorothy and pattern are great! Loved to see them brought to a real life party by Kim and Kate. Your silhouettes are becoming the big deal! Congrats!

Megan Andersson said...

This is so cute! I just stumbled upon your site and I'm already addicted! Great stuff!

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