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Feasting on the talents of #1

Monday, November 22

With Thanksgiving just a few days away...
this week couldn't be more perfect to express my gratitude to all of you.
I adore each of you who reach out through comments...
check the blog daily for updates and posts
and those of you who've been inspired by the things I've posted and who've come back to share your own creations.

With that said...
I've decided to do a week of blog posts entitled "Feasting on the talents of others..."
These posts are dedicated to showcasing some of the talent and creativity from my readers/customers.
I've had several parties I've been wanting to share with you...
sent to me from awhile back. (months ago...*frowny face*)
I think it's about time to post them! (don't you agree?) you and I go about our preparations for our own Thanksgiving celebrations this week...
let's put aside "all things fall" for a minute and enjoy peeking at these other celebrations created by some of YOU...

"Feasting on the talents of others..." post #1:

Party Girl: Christina
Celebration type: bridal shower
Theme: Lemonade & Sunshine
Color palette: pink and yellow
Inspiration: Lemonade

When this mom of four children and lover of celebrations and raspberry lemonade sent me the link to her bridal shower she helped to host for a friend of thirty years...
I was so thrilled to see the turnout.
Christina was in charge of the table and food and the results left me longing for a glass of lemonade...




By sticking with the color palette throughout the entire table design,
Christina pulled off an amazing spread of beautiful, coordinating desserts including:
• lemon bars
• raspberry cupcakes
• cake balls
• brownies

The table also doubled as a favor station because Christina set up coordinating empty favor boxes for guests to fill
with the candy made available on the table:
• lemon drops
• salt water taffy
• gummy bars
• strawberry marshmallows

Here are some of my favorite highlights:
• the homemade banner as a backdrop
• the plaid fabric used on the table (it allowed Christina to add height to the table by covering the items she used to set the jars of lemons on. It also added a nice splash of color to the tablecloth & tied in the color scheme perfectly).
• the yellow and white polka dot napkins
• the salt water taffy - it couldn't have been a more perfect match
• the cute little scoops used for the candy
• loved the placement of the two different drink with pink with yellow!

Check out Christina's blog post for a full view of the table and more shower details.
I think Christina did a wonderful job pulling everything together.
She's got a love for celebrations and shares ideas and details on her blog called Inspiration for Celebration.

Thanks for sharing your creativity Christina!
I'm sure your friend was beside herself when she walked in to see how pretty everything looked!

Happy Monday everyone!
And don't forget about entering to win one DOZEN delicious cupcakes from Cupcake Delights.
Check out this post to enter.
Contests ends at midnight, Thanksgiving Day.
Winner to be announced Friday, November 26th!

I'm excited to dedicate this week to the talents of others.
You can learn so much from other people and I believe there are always unexpected treasures and inspiration to be found!

And for those of you wondering about the two baby showers I haven't posted photos of yet...
I promise to post them as soon as I receive the "green light". promise!!!


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Christina did a fabulous job!!
Love the pennant banner!!

stephanie Toole said...

It's so exciting to see all these upcoming parties.. thanks for sharing! Here's my little sunshine and lemonade party inspired by your beautiful one!

Christina said...

Oh Jessica, thank you for featuring my bridal shower food table. You have really made my day!
Your lemonade and sunshine birthday party was wonderful inspiration for this get together and I have been a loyal reader ever since!
Thanks Again,

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