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the preliminary stages...

Wednesday, February 17

so here we are again.
in the preliminary stages of planning.
planning a birthday party for ema.
my thoughts are this:

ema is pAssiOnAtE (some people call it stubbon) *wink*
ema is LOuD (some people call it rambunctious)
ema loves mUSiC - especially drums
she was just selected as one of 25 participants (out of the entire school) for the talent show...playing her drums.
ema LiGHtS my fire when she laughs & smiles.
ema likes to have FUN...

i'm thinking something
- not too girly
- fun
- cool
- with music involved

how about this?

i let ema preview this yesterday.
i may have to substitute the "pink" for a cool "blue" color she's picked out.
but it looks pretty good, right?
and no.
the "theme" isn't original, per se.
i'm going to make it as oRiGinAL as possible.
because that's what ema is.
(and because that's the way i operate). *wink*

key factors to consider:
- we are smack dab in the middle of moving/packing
- we're closing on a new home the same week of her b/day (fingers crossed)
- budget will be minimal
- time constraints (approx. 29 days until her birthday weekend)
and my BiG goal?
- do something simple enough anyone can EaSiLy duplicate.

i've got LOTS of ideas circulating around my brain.
i'd LOVE your feedback on what you think.
send me your ideas!
what would YOU do?
what elements would YOU incorporate into a party like this?

it's wednesday...
let's make it ROCK! *wink*

Keeping It Real:
this birthday theme will allow me to incorporate the use of one particular silver element i've been craving to try. i can't wait!


ALM Chandler said...

I did this theme for my daughter's second bday this past year and there were so many wonderful ideas. We hired a music teacher, but a Kaoroke machine would be fun.
We also did a "backstage" area where we had colored hair-spray, rub-on tattoos and backstage passes! This kids had a BLAST - good luck with your party, I am sure you will make it orginal!
Here are a few pic from ours:

Unknown said...

ALM Chandler...(i posted this response on your blog as well)

i'm sooo glad you sent me the link to this! i ADORE how you write your blog from your daughter's perspective. it's REALLY cute. love the guitar cake and the checkerboard tablecloth. such a fun "punch" of pizazz. i so wish i could get my ema to dress in the adorable outfit your daughter was in. she looks ADORABLE! the "rock" stars, paper lanterns, favors...everything was super cute. THANK YOU again for sharing this! (and it's funny, but i'd JUST come across the "event tickets" earlier today... which i think is SO fun! must go take a peek!

Jolaine said...

You are SOOOO talented, I'm sure the party will be amazing. But I came across this website the other day and thought you might like some of the ideas

Angela said...

How fun. I can't wait to see her 'Rock Star' party! Based on what I know of her, it suits her to a tee. Can't wait to see what you do and then to see it on Etsy. (will send my mommy friends of GIRLS over). *wink*

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