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am i spoiling the surprise??

Friday, March 6

i believe everyone should've received the announcement in the mail - but if for some reason you haven't...sorry to spoil the surprise. i was trying to hold out until i knew everyone got it - but the suspense is killing me. aren't these absolutely adorable - of course the photo of ella is what makes the entire announcement. however, i have to give props, yet again to hof3 for the digital elements that inspired the entire project... (if you recall, some time back, i posted the "original" announcement and said i needed to tweak it a tad - well i changed up the entire thing after stumbling across the goods at hof3...LOVE the end result! enjoy...& happy friday to all!


hks said...

ahhh, she is so beautifuL! and indeed.. cute digi effects! love.
your handwriting is perfect w/ it!
thanks so much for sharing!

Candi Ladwig said...

Hello, I stumbled upon your blog & noticed your baby announcement... did you just send them out? My daughter was born Nov. 20th & I have been debating what to do since she is now 3 mos old and I procrastinated baby announcements. Thanks for any "advice". :)

Candi Ladwig said...

Me again! I am getting them done!!! I created them... now where the heck can I print them? I loved your square look, but I can't find any place to print them. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

Unknown said...

omgoodness...i completely overlooked this post. i'm so sorry - i'm certain you've already found a place for printing? let me know. i'll respond right away! i want to see what you came up with as well - if you don't mind sharing...

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