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Tuesday, March 3

in an attempt to teach my girls how to cook, i've decided to have them make some dinners all on their own. it was claracakes turn lastnight. she's twelve years old...soon to be 13 in may, and i must say she did a FABULOUS job! she made lasagna - all "eat clean" ingredients except for six noodles...because i was out - we even used the veggie crumble instead of hamburger meat: a spectacular salad she created w/some "martha" flair:
and she even made dessert..."cheesecake nibbles"...NOT on the "eat clean" program:it was even her night for dishes and she cleaned up wonderfully afterwards as well. she's such a superstar! (and now...she can cross this off some of her "personal progress" goals for church). it was all delish...i'm definitely very proud!!

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