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can u believe it?

Thursday, March 19

i will be without the imac for another whole week - this is unacceptable - not really...but it IS drivin' me el nutso...
so i decided to get out of the house. sitting in the back of the car with miss ella as she eats and i post. (funny). i seem to find myself in this particular spot quite often lately...i ran up to get me a healthy wrap for lunch from this little store i frequent - the health basket. i gobbled it down as i drove here to the eye doctor. i need to go in & schedule an appt. but ella got hungry. when she's finished i'll head inside, take care of business and then head to the village antique mall in mt. dora. don't feel like making dinner tonight - i'd better get's cloudy/rainy. think i'll head to the paint store and be inspired by some color. wish i had some visuals to post for you. in the meantime, check out my friend celeste's blog: - she's always posting great finds...and of course you can check out any/all of the links i've got over to your right under the heading "can't get enough" - i seriosly can't get enough of these talented people! happy thursday people...

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