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holy colors batman!

Monday, March 30

HULLo people...look at these delicious colors - straight from the pantone site. (i've been just dyin' to share these with you for about 3 weeks now - the whole "without computer" thing just wouldn't allow it.) these are the official colors for spring fashion 2009. i am so lovin' the dark citron, salmon rose and hello...super lemon! although i definitely am not one to follow fashion "rules" i definitely enjoy keeping up with the trends. keeps me inspired and of course "in the know". thinkin' i'll paint the girls bathroom the dark citron? what do you think? and i'm tellin' ya - just walk into target or any other retail store and you'll see every single one of these colors in some form/fashion. try it! 

what else is new? is the first day of the photographer's workshop i started! so psyched! if you haven't figured it out yet - i am an absolute sponge for inspiration/knowledge/information related to anything that will keep my mind/creativity active - not to mention anything that will better my life physically, emotionally, spiritually, creatively, etc...  learning is one of my passions...seriously. i am open to anything new that will add "goodness" to my little "library of smarts". (i just came up with that - and though i could 2nd guess myself and go back and come up with a different phrase, today, i'm just letting things flow). limited time can do that to ya! shhhh....ella is sleeping. *sigh*

ummm...okay - had a fab wkend with j - wonderful one-on-one time. it's so therapeutic - not kidding. also sprinkled in there was a stop up at PAP to see "uncle" nate & to show ella off. uncle mike met us up there as well and then we all left to grab a little lunch from chili's - kris, nate's girl, met us up there as well.  j & i  then headed to babies r' us with uncle mike - he treated us/ella to an "exersaucer" and some adorable little addidas outfits for ella. THANK YOU uncle mike!  he & nate are two of the most incredibly giving guys i've ever met. really. truly. ella is sooo fortunate.

big news for little superstar! she came in 3rd place out of all of the 4th and 5th graders @ her school for a "tropicana speech contest". she was to prepare a 2-3 minutes speech on a topic of interest and present it to her class and then to the school administrators. she won out of her classroom and then she competed against 22 other 4th and 5th graders. the 1st place winner goes onto the county competition. i'm so very proud of her. she was so poised. she chose to speak about type 1 diabetes - because her dad was diagnosed with it @ the age of two. i tried to video tape but the flip battery was dead because i hadn't been able to charge it without the computer. ugh!!! but i got a couple of's one...

the other thing that came and went during the "twilight zone" (defined as the period i was without communication to the real world - without my computer) - ema's 10th birthday. we kept it pretty simple. we had a small party for her @ the house - she requested strawberry cake - homemade of course. here are some pics: 

so...that'll do it for today. i could ramble on and share so much more - well...okay - how about one of ella real quick! this is one of her first tastes of solid food - not tooooo too messy?! *giggle*

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