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feelin' lucky

Tuesday, March 17

i can't let st. patty's day go by w/out mentioning a few of the things i feel fortunate to have/enjoy in my life. these are in no particular order - just randomly tossed into my pot o' gold:
my 3 beautiful girls, j, the iMac on the way, friends in my life, my ability and desire to create, the endless opportunities for learning/development/growth, inspiration in the most unexpected ways, colors that make me happy, a grandfather who's legacy i'm proud to remember & share & be inspired from, a grandmother who left a profound impact on me in regards to overcoming language barriers & her pursuit for excellence no matter the circumstances, a mom who has exhibited incredible strength in the most difficult situations & whom i continue to learn valuable lessons from, my nikon digital slr, music, good health, sunshine in abundance, my large extended family whom i adore & couldn't imagine my life without...cousins,aunts,uncles,etc...,and most importantly, the gift of this life - without it there wouldn't be any of this.
so what's in your pot o' gold?

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