Wednesday, February 10


isn't finding the balance between life's many distractions & responsibilites just REALLY hard?
personally, i think it's especially hard for us women.
i know for me, i'm constantly making adjustments...trying to find the balance.
and honestly?
"achieving" balance is not the difficulty.
"maintaining" it is what seems to be near impossible.
but i think there ARE moments...
fleeting as they may be...
moments of perfect balance.
when things seem to all come together.
much of the time we've got to CREATE this balance though...
it doesn't just happen all on its own.
and that's the inspiration behind this new print i've been working on...

what do you think?
i teetered back and forth between using "create it", "find it" or "in search of"...
there was just something about "create it" that just struck a chord with me...
so i went with it.

i'll be offering this print in my etsy shop as an 11x14 print OR....
maybe even as a digital print???

if you NEED it....
like RIGHT NOW...
leave me a comment on my new facebook fanpage...
the first person to leave me a comment there will receive a 5x7 of this print FREE!

(UPDATED...Congratulations Alison're the winner of the free 5x7)!!

it pays to read the entire post! *wink*

Keeping It Real
i originally posted the print with a green background...(which will still be available).
BUT in keeping with the Valentine holiday approaching...i HAD to turn it pink! *wink*


Party Box Design February 12, 2010 at 7:50 AM  

ohhh finding balance is crazy hard, and maintaining it- ouch!

its def a struggle, working, being a mother, a wife, responsibilities... so hard!

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