Monday, July 6

going out with a bang...

i hope you all had a festive fourth! it was a hot day here in sunny florida. the evening helped cool things off right before the fireworks...

here's how saturday morning started for ema & i....

homemade apple pies...completely from scratch

we peeled and mixed and rolled and floured and put our love and attention into every detail. i think ema did an exceptional job. they turned out beautiful! (we even decorated with stars and colored them red & blue). delish! 

clara & i spent most of friday night preparing the extra "4th fun" to bring to the sower's home for the celebration on saturday.  (this included creating popcorn bags, sparkler tags, peanut containers, & goodie bags for the kids. it was fun filling the goodie bags with cracker jacks, licorice, "pop its", big red gum & some 4th candies). and i have to mention that j actually participated in some of the prep work. ("schooling clara & i on the proper technique for achieving the perfect cut on the popcorn bags"). *wink*
the pics of the decor were all taken the evening of the 4th in the sower's home...i was holding ella in one arm, the camera in the other...all while everyone was outside watching the fireworks. not an easy task...but i knew i'd be mad at myself if i didn't get pics of all of the hard work the girls and i put into preparing...

here are some "inside" pics following the awesome fireworks show 

and then these are pics from earlier in the day when the lighting was actually good.

ema on the drums...hiding her face...
(it was her first-time ever playing and i must say...
i was completely impressed...and she was in heaven)!

so there you have it. it was a happy 4th for all of us. thank you harry & ally for opening up your home and providing a place for us to all gather. and thanks uncle mike for always being so concerned about making sure everyone is having a great time. the fireworks show you and the guys put on was super spectacular! the entire neighborhood was enjoying it!!  love you!

*i apologize for not having more pics of other people in attendance... such as kris, uncle nate &... i didn't get one of michael, brandon or taylor...darn it! 


Angela Gerber July 9, 2009 at 1:41 AM  

oh my gosh jess - you went ALL out girl. martha stewart look out! Your homemade pie looks delish. Can I get your recipe?

the pixs are great too. the one of you, jason and ema is super sweet.

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