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CHRISTMAS | Pretty Woods + Whites hand-painted ornaments

Tuesday, November 5

The reason I chose to have my house decorated for Christmas by November 1st??

Time to enjoy the little things the Christmas season brings with it.

I didn't have time last year.
Or rather, I didn't plan and prioritize to ensure I had the time.

Perfect example: these little wood ornaments. 

I purchased these hand-crafted beauties at TJMaxx last year with the intention of repainting them and restringing them. The silver details and red ribbon (see below) weren't the woods + whites I was craving. 

I knew all I needed was a little time to sit down and paint over the silver details and restring them with a creamy white ribbon to make them exactly what our woods + whites tree needed.

I just didn't have the time.
So they sat in the bag, tags still on them, unpainted. 
I resented never having hung them...never having time.

With intentional planning and a little goal setting...they are officially painted...and hanging.
And I love them so much.
It's amazing how much a little paint, a little ribbon, and a little time makes!

I really LOVE how they turned out!
However, I especially love that I made the time this year.
It feels so good.
It feels so right.

I encourage you to find ways to find more time to enjoy the little things that bring you joy this holiday season my friends.


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So I still have one left to paint - the one I left unpainted to be able to take these pics to show the before and after. But hey...guess what? I actually have time to do it! *wink*


Lisa said...

These are very pretty, you did a nice job of transforming them.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thanks Lisa!! I love how simple the transformation was and yet it really made a difference in the overall finish.

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