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STYLING | Fall Porch - Idea No. 2

Wednesday, November 13

As I mentioned in my Fall Porch Idea No. 1 Post, 
I was craving charm and simplicity with a warm welcome.

So, I decided to change things up and eliminated the bright orange pumpkins, the sprigs of wheat, pinecones, and some of the other decor and replaced the iron basket with a simplistic $2 thrift store basket to hold my pumpkins.

I added a pretty piece of pottery filled with natural reed grass, a simple blanket next to the basket of pumpkins and a rocking bench cushion topped with a pillow and blanket. 

I'm in love with the overall vibe. 

This was more the "feel" I was going for.
I want to know what YOU think?
Is Idea No. 1 or Idea No. 2 more your speed for Fall decor this year?

Hopefully this post will help you pause when you are decorating your own home - seasonally or every day decor - and ask yourself if the direction you are going is speaking to you. Trends come and go. Decide what makes your home "feel" like home...and go in that direction. You won't be disappointed.

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The changes to the front porch made SUCH a big difference to the overall feeling I get every time I walk out there to water plants or when I'm sitting on the rocker snuggling my Ella Pie. I love it.


French Ethereal said...

I like your current porch decor, Jess! Very fresh and with the soft blue of the house color it all looks nice together. Love your rocker, too!! Pinning a couple of photos for you. <3

Happy fall to you and Happy Thanksgiving coming up,
Barb :)

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Thank you Barb!! You are the sweetest!! xoxo, Jess

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