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CHRISTMAS | 25 Days of Christ Advent Devotional

Tuesday, November 26

The 25 Days of Christ.
It's an advent devotional ornament kit.
It's purpose? To help keep us focused on Christ through the Christmas season. 

25 ornaments.
25 correlating scriptures. 
25 days to cuddle up with your family for a few minutes each day and connect.
And by connect I mean to your family and to the "reason for the season".

I purchased the 25 Days of Christ Unfinished Ornament Kit from New Tradition Crafts a couple of years ago. I left my ornaments raw, instead of painting them, and added neutral finishing touches to a few of them to keep them really simple and as organic as possible. I love them.

The set comes with a book with a reading schedule to keep you on track with which scriptures to read and which ornament to hang each day.

This year, I discovered New Tradition Crafts has something new available called "The Good Shepherd Illustrated Book" to go along with the kit, so I added it this year for our family to use with our ornaments.

Good news! If you want one for your family, I have a coupon code for you to save 15%: PNP15

I decided to share all of the details of my own ornament set this year to show you how I finished mine. I'm hoping it will serve as a guide for those of you who might need help and inspiration with your own kits.

I also wanted to show you the little tree we use to display our ornaments during the 25 Days of Christ. You don't have to have a separate tree like we can use your family Christmas tree if you like. The idea is to do what works for your family...and for your life.

One of the other things about this advent devotional I love is you can easily gear it towards children of all ages. For instance, you can use The Good Shepherd book with younger kids who thrive on visuals. Or you can choose to read directly from the scriptures for older children who aren't interested in "kiddie" activities anymore. 

Basically, it's something I feel our family will never outgrow since it's so adaptable. 

I hope you are inspired to try a set for your own family.
Or at the very least, find ways to stay focused on the magic of the Christmas season.

Don't forget to use the coupon code at checkout to save 15%  ->  PNP15

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I failed last year when it came to staying focused on the "reason for the season".
We didn't even do the 25 Days of Christ.
I was so sad about the lack of "feeling" last Christmas I vowed not to have a repeat.
Just another reason why it worked for me to have my Christmas decor up by Halloween night this year. As crazy as that sounds, it's made such a difference already in making sure I have time to "ENJOY" the holidays.

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