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HALLOWEEN | Hermione Costume - the smart and simple version

Friday, November 1

We are officially Harry Potter fans over here.
Quite literally as of a few weeks ago when Ella's class read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

I know...we were probably the only people on the planet who hadn't read the book or seen the movie(s).

So, of course, as Ella was reading the book with her class and Halloween was approaching, she decided she wanted to dress up as Hermione for her costume this year.

As you can imagine, I had to do some research and get help from my friends on Instagram to get the costume together. 

I think we pulled it off.
In fact, with Ella's input, she managed to jazz it up a bit and elevated the regular ole Hermione costume into a "hip" Hermione by choosing converse for shoes, a short sleeve white shirt, a black cardigan instead of the wizard robe and an "older Hermione" hairstyle with a simple, black barrette. 

My favorite part about this costume is that it's SMART and SIMPLE!

All of the clothing elements can be used in REAL life...long after Halloween has disappeared. (black pleated skirt, white short sleeve shirt, black cardigan, black knee high socks and the "hip" converse shoes). That makes me and my wallet happy.

I'll let the pictures do the talking and I've got sources listed at the bottom in case you are curious about any of the items and need to pull one together too!

She's a cutie pie. And she made a great Hermione.
She usually wears glasses but chose not to wear them on Halloween night...just to make sure she was really in costume. *wink*

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Black Pleated Skirt - perfect...just wish it didn't show lint
White Short Sleeve Shirt - Wasn't super thin but Ella was still hot and it wrinkles easily.
Gryffindor Tie - it was fine for Halloween but not high quality - you get what you pay for.
Gryffindor Iron-On Crest - I pinned this on so I could remove it from the cardigan for Ella to wear after Halloween
Black Knee Socks - Walmart
Black Converse - linking to Amazon but we lucked out and found some at Kohl's
Simple Black Barrette - found ours at Target

It's funny...Ella's older sisters, who have both read the book(s) years ago and are HP fans, have always told me Ella reminds them of Hermione. I used to just laugh...not knowing who Hermione was...but now I completely understand what they mean. Ha!!

The cardigan didn't last 5 minutes in our 90ยบ Florida heat on Halloween night...but she was  pretty comfortable for a night of trick or treating. *wink*

1 comment:

Angela said...

Her costume turned out adorable! I'm so glad to hear she read the first Harry Potter book, and was a fan. After reading the remaining six, she's going to be an even bigger fan. Happy reading Ella. ♥️

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