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Monday, October 30

Raise your hand if you're into the copper accent trend? Me.
I could kick myself for letting my mom get rid of her copper pan collection about 5 years ago.

But...that just means I get to go out and hunt for copper treasures and this weekend I did just that. I found some antique varieties while "pickin'" with Rachel from Rachel Elizabeth Creates. We met for lunch and then she took me to her favorite spot for the day.

The verdict is out on whether or not I will polish these up. I don't intend on using these for anything but decor purposes but I prefer the copper shine through just a little bit more than their current state. What would you do? I've read conflicting views about whether or not polishing effects the value of antique copper pieces. Anyone have any feedback or insight you'd like to share?

Here are a couple of other copper treasures I'm currently crushing on:
Copper Tea Kettle
Old Dutch Solid Copper Tea Kettle
Copper Whisk
Restored Vintage Copper Cookware - super out of my price range but stunning!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying this Hallow's Eve!!


So I showed up 30 minutes early when meeting up with Rachel...completely by accident.
I was apparently super excited to have some girl time but it was pretty laughable considering this is only the 2nd time I've met Rachel. Ha! Her mom came along too this time and was such a treat to spend time with.

Oh...and I may or may not have a mirror Rachel found that I will be delivering some time soon since there was no way she could fit it in the car on their two hour drive home with kids in tow AND we may or may not have come up with this intentional plan to avoid any unnecessary conversations about "spending" with her hubby. Ha!!  (she lives close to where we just moved from...and I moved to where she grew up and where her family is from). So crazy, right?

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