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Monday, October 23

Ella and I skipped town this past weekend so she could attend her bestie's "birthday weekend sleepover"! I even checked Ella out of school early on Friday afternoon so we could surprise Elise by being at her school when she got out of school. It was so fun! And she was soooo surprised.

Well...knowing I would be back home for a couple of days, I took the opportunity to make sure I continued the Phantom Pumpkin tradition I started so many years ago...even if it meant I'd be all by myself for the door-bell ditching. I spent Saturday afternoon with Ema and my mom creating the treats...."Mummy Oreos" and festive Halloween Hershey Kisses!

If you haven't already been "spooked" or done some spooking of your own...(or "booed" as some people call it), I wanted to share the FREE Phantom Pumpkin printables with you. You've got this whole week and weekend to have some family fun and spread some Halloween cheer! *wink*

PS - I've already changed two of the Hershey Kiss labels you see in the photo above. My mom said the "EEK" and "BOO" labels were too hard to read. I agreed her so I revised them and updated the printables for you already.

FREE Phantom Pumpkin Printable
FREE Halloween Hershey Kisses Labels
and here's the craft punch you'll need for the Hershey's Kiss labels  <--- affiliate link

Enjoy my sweet friends...

Ella, J and I did some spooking of our own in the new neighborhood prior to this weekend...AFTER we were surprised by some other fun neighbors who "booed" us. Hope they didn't mind that we stuck with our "Phantom Pumpkin" tradition instead of using the "booed" paper they left behind. *coveringeyes*

PS - J and I have been doing Whole30 for the past 23 days together. We've turned it into a friendly competition and I keep telling him I'm going to crush him. The first time we did it together (back in 2013),  I beat him by 1 pound...he lost 10 and I lost 11. BAM!! I'll keep you posted when we weigh in on the 31st...Halloween Day!! *wink*

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