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INSTA SNAPSHOTS | Summer Collapsed into Fall

Tuesday, October 10

If you don't follow me on Instagram you've been missing out on lots of pictures of how the new house is coming along.

And I get it...some of you just don't want to add one more app or social media commitment to your life! I completely understand. decision to start sharing periodic "Insta Snapshots" of my Instagram feed so I can keep you in the loop with things you may be missing out on.

I'll simply post a square image containing 9 different photos I've posted on IG recently and do a little breakdown below of each pic. Simple, right?

Top to bottom, left to right
1. Ella's room - wallpaper by Anewall - WOW! We love it.
2. Love me some Magnolia Journal
3. "Gratitude...when what you have is enough" - instant download sign in my shoppe
4. View of our dining table looking into the living room
5. View of my hutch
6. "And All At Once Summer Collapsed Into Fall" - instant download sign in my shoppe
7. Guest Bedroom (using a World Market runner on bed - see it on my table in pic #9)
8. Same sign as #6 but with white background
9. Dining table - pretty runner from World Market (also used on guest bed - see #7)

That was easy...and now I feel like you are caught up a little bit.
I've been decorating for Fall using leaves and branches I've collected from around the neighborhood and I'm loving it. Keeping things simple you guys. My life. My decor. My schedule.

It feels awesome.


Finally starting to feel normal again after having bronchitis since right after Hurricane Irma blew threw. It feels nice to feel normal, doesn't it?

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