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ELLA STYLE | Snowman Halloween Costume - Again

Thursday, November 2

We are two days post Halloween already and before I dive fully into my favorite month of the year and then my favorite season...I just had to share Ella's Halloween pictures this year.

She deserves an award for making her mom's life super easy - on an every day basis but more so for the fact that she decided to dress up as a snowman AGAIN this year for Halloween). I mean could I have gotten any luckier?

She literally wore the exact same outfit, tights and all except there were four specific details that were different from last year's snowman costume:
1. she wore black boots this year
2. she forgot to wear her white fingerless gloves
3. she wore "space buns" this year instead of long pony tails.

and last but not least in any way....SHE GREW UP TOO MUCH!
How does that even happen? You'd think I'd be used to this by now seeing as how I have two older daughters. Nope! It's still mind-blowing.

Go back and look at last year's photos RIGHT HERE and you'll see what I'm talking about. *tears*

She cracks me up with her random poses and silly faces. I do not ask her to do any of this. She just does it. *giggling*

Of course her American Girl dressed up again too.
Neither Ella nor her "Little Ella" doll seemed to grow in size at all. *laughing*
Although I can't wait for her to grow into those teeth of hers. *wink*
This is always an awkward teeth stage, isn't it!?

It was definitely different this year...trick or treating in a new neighborhood with new friends.
Even though she missed Halloween night with her best friend, I was so glad Piper, a girl from her class and from our neighborhood, invited her to walk around with their 20+ group of kids. We must've walked 5 miles and Ella came home with 5 lbs of candy...1 pound for every mile I guess? (way too much is all I know).

Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday so I wanted to squeeze this post in before I spend the day doing whatever I for a copper tea kettle, maybe a birthday nap? Not sure yet, I just know I plan on really taking advantage of it being a special day. Ha!!

Love you friends!! xoxo

Who's been waiting on the Whole30 verdict?
Remember I told you J and I did a Whole30 together starting on October we successfully just finished on the 30th. And remember I told you it was a friendly competition between the two of us...and that I vowed I was going to smash him?
Well...we weighed in on the 31st and he beat me by 1/2 a pound. DANG iT!!

But truth be told, I found a bottle a "Lose Weight" pills he'd been hiding so he's a total cheater. Ha!
He claims they were nothing but "vegetable" pills and that they were "all natural" and that "Oprah endorsed them"....are you kidding me? I know he'll read this so I'm making sure to casually mention it before I congratulate him on his big win! *wink*

So congrats Jay!! You lost 8 pounds and I lost 7.5 - which I was disappointed with since I lost 11 the first time we ever did this. BUT...I'm totally celebrating anyway and I'm still planning on sticking to my healthy eating plan at least 6 days a myself a little cheat day. But would you believe I still haven't had a lick of sugar...and it's been 3 days...and it was even Halloween people!! So proud of me! *wink*

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