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Monday, November 20

We are only 3 days away from feasting with our friends + family, gathering around tables filled with an over abundance of delicious pies food and giving thanks for the pies blessings we enjoy in this life.

My aunt is hosting Thanksgiving this year and she reached out to me to create a "Give Thanks" sign for the "Thanksgiving Tree" she is setting up on a tabletop. It sounds like we'll each get a leaf to write down something we are thankful for, pies obviously, and then we'll add it to the tree.

Well I was so happy when I was given the assignment of making pies with the turn out I decided to make it available as a FREE DOWNLOAD!  -----> link at bottom of post

My aunt requested a custom 18x8 sign but I'm also making pies it available as an 8x10 as well as 4x6.
I figured some of you may want to frame it - as shown in the images above - and some of you may want to add them to your place settings.

Pssst...if you aren't hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year...this would make a fantastic hostess gift!! You're welcome!! *wink*

There are also THREE background options to choose from (see below) and every file size is available in .pdf as well as .jpg format.

I hope you love them and will print them out to add a sweet + simple reminder about what Thanksgiving is truly about....and it's not really about the much as I'd like to think. *wink*


Happy Thanksgiving to you friends.
I am so grateful for each and every one of you.
May you enjoy the day with your family + loved ones and may we all take a minute to truly count our blessings and "give thanks" for all that we have.


1. Don't look to closely....the eucalyptus in the first photo is completely dead and dried out. But it looks great in photos, doesn't it?! *wink*

2. Really concerned about another spot on my face that could potentially be skin cancer again. Trying not to worry and turning it over to God.

3. The Fall decor is coming down and the Christmas is coming out before we head out of town this week. I'll explain my fresh new perspective on Thanksgiving melting into Christmas later this week.

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