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iNSPiRE | One Little Word for 2016

Monday, January 4

Happy New Year,  friends!!!
It's that time of year for resolutions, promises, goals, dreams, motivation, changes...right?!

Well instead of getting all wrapped up and overwhelmed in all of that, I'm focusing on my one little word for 2016...


Yep! That's it. That's my word!
A word that in actuality encompasses all of those before-mentioned things but in a nice, tidy, simple little package. 

It sounds pretty wimpy and unglamorous, doesn't it?
Don't be fooled though.
There's a lot of power that can come from that little word and I'm expecting big things!
I'm figuring that by focusing on the word "less" in all areas of my life...
I will actually end up with "more".
More of what really matters.

less clutter - more clarity
less distractions - more focus on my family
less sugar - more sustained energy, health + vitality
less comparisons - more creativity
less time in the studio - more focus during business hours
less procrastination - more productivity
less social media - more time blogging...because that's what I love!
less second guessing - more confidence
less fear - more faith
less time in my head - more time in my world *wink*
less excuses - more doing

And there's more I could share but I'm keeping it "less" today. *wink*

I was led to choose "less" by this blog post I read from Emily Ley.
And then I realized, as I typically do with all of my words each year, I've been on a journey towards this word over the last year.  Funny how things work out like that.

I've slowly been gravitating towards a much more simple life with regards to home decor, eating, work load + just taking time to smell the roses.

I'm really excited to watch the powerful changes I anticipate will unfold over the course of this year.

With that said, I've decided it would be fun to share a weekly update on how + what I'm doing with my word so you can watch my progress and cheer me on. I do hope you'll cheer me on! *smiling*

I'll pop in later this week to fill you in on the magic that's already taken place from this simple little word...and it's only Day 4 of 2016.

If you are new to the concept of choosing "one little word" and want to know more...or if you are curious as to what my past words have been, here are a few different links...
2015 - Shine
2014  Navigate
2013 Push
2012 no word - I was lame and didn't pick one...*blushing*
2011 Fresh

I'd love to hear what YOUR word for 2016 is!!
Share it in the comments!
I'll pick someone at random to send something special to.

Here's to we can all have more! More of what matters!


Speaking of "what matters"...after a chest x-ray today it's been determined Ella has bronchitis. Boo!
She's been sick for the last week with a nagging cough and after a week of meds and no real improvement I took her back into the doctor today!

Lucky her though...she and Ema built a blanket fort just before New Year's Eve and she got to sleep in it for 3 nights in a row! She thought that was pretty awesome! I finally had her take it down last night so we could have some semblance of order back in the living room. Although she was definitely disappointed to have to take it down, I've promised to have a "sleepover" with her on Friday so we'll be setting up the fort again and this time I'll be sleeping in it with her. *wink*


kansasgirl1 said...

My word is "Stop", similar to yours. Stop volunteering for everything I know I could do/but how many hours are there in a day! Stop expecting perfection in everything I do. Stop feeling guilty when I don't complete the never-ending daily to-do list, including a homemade dinner on the table every night. Stop being so hard on myself and allow time to relax. I'm looking forward to "Stopping"!

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Hey kasnasgirl1 - LOVE your word and your motivation behind choosing it! We ALL expect way too much from ourselves and then beat ourselves up when we fall short of the ridiculous expectations. Life was meant for us to experience joy and with all of the pressure of too many deadlines, commitments and to-do' in the world can we really do that?! I applaud your choice!

Waggle Dance said...

This is brilliant!! This is a phrase which im going to take on board as i always take on too much

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