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LET'S TALK TUESDAY | Good Ole Fashioned Friendly Conversation

Tuesday, January 5

Good Morning friends!
Tuesdays around here are about to get REALLY good.

Let's meet up here on Tuesdays, just like friends meeting up for a quick cup of coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa, or green smoothie; Friends who are making time to catch up, share some cool ideas, let off some steam, ask for advice, talk about mom stuff or just pump each other up to tackle whatever we've got going on in our lives.

To get the conversation going each week, I thought it would be fun to answer any random questions you all have about my life, my business, my everyday happenings, how things work in my household with 3 children, or whatever you've ever been curious about. Maybe you've always wondered what I pack Ella for lunch every day, or whether or not I've managed to paint my master bedroom yet or maybe even what my morning routine looks like? I will also look to you all for feedback on things I come across or ideas I have stirring around in my head and fun things I've found or learned.

I just feel moved to reach out to you all on a much more personal level in order to really open up the door for some good ole fashioned conversation and dialogue. That's how friendships are formed, how communities are built and how relationships flourish.

Of course, in keeping with my one little word for 2016 I shared with you yesterday, we'll be keeping these conversations short + sweet - as much as we can - so that we can actually enjoy, (and continue to look forward to), a few minutes of conversation together without feeling like a huge chunk of our day has been lost. Less is more! *wink*

So...what questions do you have for me? It doesn't matter how silly it might sound or insignificant it my seem...ask away! Use the options below to share them and I'll pick a few + meet you back here next Tuesday!

1. Email me directly: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com
2. Leave a question on my Instagram feed anytime.
3. Leave it as a comment here on the blog.
If you ever have any issues at all being able to leave a comment on my blog, please email me directly to let me know so I can figure out how to resolve it for you: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com
I've had several people mention something about problems they've encountered when attempted to leave a comment and I want to get to the bottom of it this and for all.

Now...get back to your busy life!
I'll meet you back here on Tuesday for our next "Let's Talk Tuesday"!

This post was much longer originally.
But I reeled myself back in chanting "less" the entire time and it's completely scaled back...just as it always should've been! *wink*

P.S. I've got less than 2 hours to get together some gifts for a post-holiday party at the cupcake shop tonight! Eeks!


Unknown said...

Great idea! My girlfriends and I were together for NYE and we picked our Word for 2016. I told them about your blog and that you responded to one of my earlier comments on FB. I referred to you as my new friend to be funny. So today I read this post and I chuckled. See KB LG, who's laughing now. Love this idea. You go girl! ��

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Hi Nancy!! I'm so glad you took a minute to respond and I'm thrilled you and your girlfriends have also chosen words for 2016!! It can be so empowering to have that one little word to focus on! And you and I ARE new friends!! *wink* I look forward to more conversation with you and thank you so much for being here and even sharing the Pen + Paper Flowers blog with your besties! Here's to an empowering + inspirational New Year ahead for us all!

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