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LET'S TALK TUESDAY | No. 3 :: Bedding, Blogging + Bakery Envy

Tuesday, January 26

Good morning everyone!
Have you thawed out from the cold temperatures that have had us all wanting to stay bundled up in pajamas for the past two weeks? Give me another mug of S'mores Hot Cocoa from the Hot Cocoa Bar!! Seriously!!

To be honest, I'm in a big hurry this morning with a few different work + life projects going on so I'm going to keep our "meet up" this week super short.

I've picked a couple of super simple questions to answer today AND...I have a couple of fun things to share with you too!!

Q:  Can I just say I'm jealous of the bedding you keep sharing on Instagram. Anything from Anthropologie makes my heart skip a beat but the photos you keep sharing are really making me want to go out and buy it too. It looks super soft and cozy. Did you buy the whole set? (duvet, shams, etc.) And when do I get to see the full set up in your bedroom? I'm just dying to get a peek. - Samantha A.

A: Oh my goodness you guys. Yes. The new bedding I purchased from Anthropologie back in July is soooo dreamy. I fell in love with it at first glance when I saw the beautiful, oversized flowers sewn onto it. 

It's called the Georgina Collection and it's gorgeous. I love it. I do have to tell you, I was expecting it to be softer than it is. It has a crepe-paper like feel to it. (not sure how else to describe it). It's soft on the underside though and because it's a duvet cover, when it's stuffed with a down's so billowy and soft. Of the four color options available, I ended up choosing the creamy white (because duh...that's my favorite color and I'm not even sure why I was debating going with the white in the first place). I don't ever buy "sets" because I like to mix and match and make things my own. However, that being said, everything was so beautiful, I just couldn't resist. I got the Georgina Duvet, Georgina Bed Skirt,  Georgina Shams and the Georgina Euro Shams. No regrets! 

And yes, I'll be posting the full set up once I finish painting my master bedroom. (I've got one wall done)! Woo Hoo! And you guys!!! I LOVE the color I decided to just go with.

Q:  I've been following your blog for quite some time and I was wondering how long you've been blogging for? No real reason other than I'm just curious to know. - Jenn M.

A: blogger years, I would be considered ancient for sure. I started my blog in 2009. In fact, when I looked through my archives to see when my very first post was to be able to answer this question accurately, would you believe TODAY marks exactly SEVEN YEARS!! Yep! My very first post was January 26th 2009 - my Ella Pie was only 2 months old. (insert tears).  Don't you think that's so ironic and coincidental that I'm answering that specific question TODAY, of all days. (I really had no idea until I looked it up this morning).


Okay, so before I let you go, I just want to share a couple of favorite finds from the past week.
You know...just like girlfriends would share with each other!

I've been playing around with this new FREE photo editing app created by A Beautiful Mess. 
I'm liking it so far and I think you might enjoy it too - especially those of you who post on Instagram frequently. It's free. (There are plenty of extra filters and add-on options to purchase though). CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS ON THE APP.

My new favorite Instagram feed (and website) filled with beautiful vintage furniture projects by a sweet lady named Karen. Best part is she sells a lot of her beautiful vintage pieces and is just 20 miles west of Orlando in Minneola - making her about 35 minutes from me! #cuetheconfetti You'll love her stuff! Here's one of my most recent favorites that I wanted to snatch up!

Okay, so this isn't something I discovered last week but it's something I just HAVE to share with all of my Fixer Upper fanatics that don't already know or haven't already seen The Gathering Testimony: Joanna Gaines' video or the announcement about the NEW Magnolia Flour (bakery) - coming in 2016! And if that's not enough for this fun "11 Fun Facts you Never Knew About Them" by Glamour.  (my personal favorites are that (1) Joanna has NO interior design background and (2) they do not own a television and haven't for 12 years)! I could SO totally do that - except I'd have to come to your house to get my Fixer Upper fix. *wink* Anyone else seriously contemplating a move to Waco?

That's it for this week my friends!
Feeling warm fuzzies having been able to meet up with you today!
Until our next "Let's Talk Tuesday" make sure you get your questions in!

1. Email me directly: pnpflowersinc AT gmail DOT com
2. Leave a question on my Instagram feed anytime.
3. Leave it as a comment here on the blog.

Love you guys!

I wasn't sure whether to love her or hate her when I found out about the Joanna Gaines' new bakery opening up. Seriously? Could she not be any more perfect? She's already living so many of the dreams I'd love to be living...but for her to continue to add to that list of dreams...especially in the form of baking...well...I was feeling the feelings, if you know what I mean. And then I watched The Gathering Testimony video and all of the "feeling the feelings" I was feeling disappeared. *wink*


willowbird35 said...

My daughter and I have a love affair with Chip and Joanna. LOL She is so talented and funny and smart. After watching The Gathering, I love her even more. She inspires me too. I am turning 53 in June this year and have decided within the next 5 years I am going to try to get my LPN license. I am not good in math or science - both of which are on the compass exam I will need to pass to be entered into the nursing program. I have let this fear stop me for YEARS of pursuing my passion. She pointed out something in the video. Even if I do this and fail, I will never go through life wondering "what if." I preach to my children all the time, "You can do ANYTHING - the only one holding you back from it is YOU." But I don't always practice what I preach. This year, my resolution was to be happier, more grateful, and more present. To stop saying, "IF" and saying more "I'm DOING." Not just this year but every year from now on is my plan. I have to tell you that even though we are only 26 days in, I have never felt better emotionally and physically. I don't have unrealistic expectations about it either. I will have times, this year, I'm sure, that I will flounder. But for now, I am moving forward with my goals and my cheer. And you know what? It's been a bit contagious with those around me! I love that.

Bouresgirl said...

Hi Jessica! Have you ever or would you consider "mentoring" someone who wanted to start a blog? Or maybe a LTT question with a shorter answer would be: do you have a list of 5 tips for someone to get them started? I have wanted to for probably 5 years and just haven't done it for whatever reason and just need that little push.
Thank you,

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

MeenyMoe - I totally thought I'd responded to you and came back to this post for a different reason and saw your heartfelt comment again - with my response nowhere to be found. Grrrr!

I love the goal you've set for yourself to obtain your LPN license. If it helps in anyway, I have an aunt who went to nursing school just a few years ago and if I'm not mistaken, she's 70.

Thank you for sharing your resolutions too! They are powerful and I imagine you will absolutely get to where you are wanting to go!! As you said..."Move forward!" I wish you much success - along with happiness, gratitude and cheer! *wink*

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