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INSPIRE | Cute Christmas Tags - just the inspiration I needed!

Wednesday, December 2

Good Morning friends!
I have not one lick of Christmas decorations up yet because I'm swamped with other deadlines and obligations right now.

However, I took a minute to take in some inspiration over on Pinterest this morning and stumbled upon these darling kraft gift tags! I love how simple + pretty the the design is, don't you? This is how I want all of the presents under my tree to look like this year!! SO cute! Right??

I'm filling up my NEW Red + White + Peppermint Pinterest Board with adorable Craft, Home Decor, DIY's, darling treats, packaging + gift ideas! Head on over and take a peek if you are looking to be inspired!!


Although there are a ridiculous amount of things eating up my time right now - trying to keep me from things I REALLY want to be doing - the inspiration I just shared is exactly what I needed this morning. Just the reminder I needed to keep things simple. Focus on what's most important and let the rest fall into place.

And I'm also keeping my attitude in check (see my instagram post today)!
How about you?

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