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Monday, December 7

After having crossed off a major project this weekend, (an Alice in ONEderland dessert table for my 2nd cousin's first birthday - here's a peek), I have finally been able to focus more on the upcoming holidays and I look forward to actually getting some Christmas decorating done around the house.

Just hours after rushing from that labor of love on Saturday, I found myself sitting in a church, finally feeling the spirit of the season...

Take a listen by turning up the volume on your computer if it's not already up and push play.

Yep! That's my little Ella Pie; Standing there in front of the orchestra and the Chancel Choir...singing her little heart out. It's really what I needed.

We also attended J's company Christmas party on Sunday afternoon - following a birthday party Ella went to for a friend of hers. Ella sat on Santa's lap and about fell over with excitement when he presented her with a Giant Blue Leopard Beanie Boo named Leona! She's got a collection of about 20 of the little "big eye pets" - that's what I call them.

We will do our annual family Christmas tree picking on Saturday and I think that's when things will really start to feel a little more like the holidays around here.

Today, I'll be putting up the red ribbons on the light fixtures on the front of our home, I added two new wreaths to the front door and then I'll call it a day for today as far as decorating goes. *wink*

Looking forward to having a little more time to dedicate to the blog.
Re-working my business plan for the new year - officially.
Been toying with some changes over the last year and look forward to moving in the direction towards things that will allow me even more time with my family, less time in front of the computer, more time focused on things I love + enjoy and more time for blogging, decorating our home and keeping life as simple as possible.

I have to be honest, when the Big Eye Pets first came out I honestly did not like them. I thought they all looked scared. Now I find myself as equally excited as Ella to find new ones we haven't seen and we always purchase them based solely on cuteness AND softness! Anyone else collect these for your kids? We even buy these for Ella's friends for their birthdays. Her little friend Kyndal just received Icicle the Penguin as part of her birthday present this past weekend.

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