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Tuesday, December 22

We are days away from Christmas and if you are like me...
you are trying to find time to wrap all of the presents and frantically wrapping up any loose ends between today and tomorrow.

I typically leave stocking stuffers until the last minute, however, this year, I was on top of things!
I started hoarding finding things at the very beginning of November so I am all up on my stocking stuffer game this year!! *wink*

I do have to admit, I personally do not have a stocking for myself.
I only have three stockings for each of the girls.
And honestly, I don't even like the stockings I have - they are super old and I have outgrown them - like 10 years ago. I keep saying I'm going to buy new ones and it never happens. (next year). *wink*

BUT...I was dreaming of stocking stuffers for myself the other day and found these pretty little things from Anthropologie.

I thought you might like some of these too and perhaps you'll be inspired to add them to your own last-minute stocking stuffer wish list too!

Come to think of it, maybe I should add "new stocking" to my stocking stuffer wishlist?
What do you all have on your wish lists? I'd love to know.

And do any of you have any recommendations or suggestions for a great place to find some pretty, creamy white stockings? Heirloom quality?

I did almost 100% of my shopping online this year.
Lights are on the house - and we added two new lighted wreaths this season! They look so pretty!
Christmas tree is up and almost completely decorated. (need to add the angel and a few more bows)!
I've wrapped six presents. Yay me!!
Still waiting on Office Depot to finish printing my NEW Hot Cocoa Bar sign I ordered 5 days ago. *grrrr*
I've baked lots of cookies, (including these oreo reindeer cookies) and admit I've eaten way too many of them all. Which is why I'm totally doing THIS! and THIS! 
Still need to bottle up the homemade vanilla extract I've been letting sit all year long in preparation for gifting.
And...drumroll please....
I ordered my New Year's Cards TODAY...because it's too late for Christmas.
(There's a camera/photo shoot story that plays into the late cards - I'll have to post about it!) *wink*

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