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Thursday, April 30

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, as I'm sure many of you do too.
Lately it's been the kind of time dedicated to things I really don't care much + dishes instead of what I REALLY love: BAKING!! You guys, if I'm not baking then being in the kitchen is a chore...a much dreaded chore. And for various reasons I haven't been doing a whole lot of baking over the last couple of months. *frown*

Anyway, I remember when I was newly married and my kids were toddlers, cooking for my family was something I really REALLY enjoyed and genuinely looked forward to. I was the queen of meal planning and trying new recipes.

I don't know what ever happened to that girl but I cannot find one ounce of passion for dinner-making let alone dish cleaning anywhere - not even in my pinky finger.

But...I have found there are some small things I can do to help make the experience much more enjoyable; having pretty dish cloths for washing dishes and having darling hand towels hanging and accessible for wet fingers and hands is one of those small things.

I recently ordered some adorable handmade items for my kitchen from the cutest Etsy shoppe called The Vintage Home Studio.

I actually discovered Michelle Gann and her pretty kitchen hand towels on Instagram and it was love at first sight. The charming fabric selections she uses to create her towels aren't just beautiful, they are high-quality which makes them durable and simple to wash.  

She chooses a fabric and then hand crochets a matching trim edge to finish it off beautifully.
And I just love the cute tags she sews onto the towels too. (see below).

I picked the "Bee Bar Towel" with grey crochet trim and a set of creamy white crochet dish cloths for my kitchen. I love them both! Not only are these items pretty but they are practical.

Mother's Day is coming up and I knew I wanted to order some towels for my mom and thought some of you may want to do the same. OR you may want to add them to your own Mother's Day wishlist. *wink*

Here are some of my favorites but there are plenty more adorable fabrics and color selections to choose from...

Cherry Bar Mop Towel with red crochet trim

Another thing I love about Michelle's shoppe is that she purchases bulk fabrics to use one time and then typically does not reorder so she can offer fresh, new towel designs. This can be a good thing if you love exclusivity - knowing you've got a cute limited edition towel hanging in your pretty kitchen. But once it's's gone.

I do hope you'll check out The Vintage Home Studio to add some charm to your own kitchen.
I'm loving my cute towels + dish cloths and look forward to adding more to my collection.

More ways to find, connect with + keep up with Michelle and her pretty creations:
The Vintage Home Studio on Instagram
The Vintage Home Studio on Facebook
The Vintage Home Studio Etsy Shoppe
The Vintage Home Studio on Pinterest

As a designer, I appreciate the small details.
Michelle's branding + logo for her shoppe with the old door and the blue + green colors completely won me over before I ever even held one of her products in my hands. Then...when I saw the quality of her work and her cute little tag sewn onto her pretty towels...well...that's all I needed.

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