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MUSIC | Bright :: Echosmith

Monday, April 20 know my one little word for 2015 is Shine...

And when I heard "Bright" by Echosmith I added it to my "theme song" list for the year!
It's an upbeat song with positive feel-good vibes and the lyrics above are just a few of my favorite lines. I also love "Heaven + Earth have finally aligned. Days are good and that's the way it should be.
You sprinkle stardust on my pillowcase, it's like a moonbeam brushed across my face."
I think it's a perfect reminder to "shine bright"! *wink*

I'm always listening to a plethora of music so I really can't define my music style.

Right now though, over the last few weeks I've found these titles blasting while I'm working or in those rare moments when I'm driving alone in the car. Some of them are for motivation while exercising, some are to wind down and others are just because. No judging. *wink*

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift
Clean by Taylor Swift
This Love by Taylor Swift
Scared or Selfish by Kye Kye
Birthday by Jillian Edwards
Pieces by Andrew Belle
Multiple Love by Paper Airplanes
Smother by Daughter
Black Bear by Andrew Belle
Peace by Kye Kye
Still Here by Digital Daggers
Finale by Mashur & Kevlar
DJ Turn It Up

Maybe something will "strike a chord" with you too?!
Let me know if any of them do...

DJ Turn it Up should be played on a music system with a lot of bass...wait for it to "drop" *wink*
Pumps me up every time and makes me want to dance!!

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