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SNEAK PEEK | Ella's Rainbow Unicorn Party

Tuesday, February 4

It's taking FOREVER for me to get done with going through and prepping the photos from Ella's 5th Rainbow Unicorn birthday party.

It's not the actual process that's been the challenge…
it's the constant barrage of interruptions, work, deadlines and life as we know it.

I just can't hold off any longer sharing one of my very favorite party elements…
So here's a peek…just to keep you excited until I'm finally able to share EVERYTHING!!

I've had too many irons in the fire and I'm working on "navigating" my way through the process of fixing all of that. I keep reminding myself to be intentional and purposeful with my time. (my whole "one little word" journey). That includes personal as well as work time! I'm making progress…but I've got a treacherous journey ahead of me. It should NOT take me this long to post about something so important to me - Ella's 5th birthday party. The holidays following right after her party don't help the situation every year but I've GOT to get better at party-detail-turnaround! Ha!!

1 comment:

Nicole (Bellenza Party Suite) said...

Oh my this is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see the complete album! ♥

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