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Friday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Just wanted to take a minute to tell you all how much I LOVE you!!
I appreciate you being here, sharing in my experiences and loving me back with your comments and daily blog visits.

I hope your day is filled with love and I thought this light-HEARTED quote I designed and shared on my Instagram feed this morning was perfect for today! Hope you LOVE it!

And I hope your weekend is filled with "butter knife-heart" moments - spread the love everyone!! *wink*

Valentine's were finished last night - the cupcakes for Ella's class (store-bought) were given to the teachers yesterday. Teacher gifts are almost ready to go - just need to add ribbon to the cupcake packaging and THEN...I'm off for back-to-back guidance counselor appointments at the high school (in which I'll have to leave smack dab in the middle to run Ella to pre-school by noon). Then I'll run back to the high school to finish up the appointments and when I'm finished there, I'll head up to Ella's Valentine's Day Class Party. What was I thinking when I scheduled those back-to-back appointments on Valentine's Day? *sheesh*

I'm so bummed. I had this cute little stuffed animal bear Ella fell in love with at the grocery store yesterday. I had it hidden under my purse and other items while we shopped and when I was checking out I conveyed to the cashier to hide it…since I didn't want Ella to see it. When I got home the bear wasn't in the bag…or on the receipt. Darn it! I guess the cashier thought I meant "hide it…I don't want to buy it." *frown*

So now…my two older girls have received their treats for Valentine's Day but little Ella will have to wait as I try to figure out how to squeeze in running back up to the grocery store (and praying they aren't all gone) to be able to give it to her when she gets home today. Oh well. Completely not the end of the world. I was just so proud of myself for strategizing yesterday and getting everything done so I wouldn't be running around today. Or so I thought!? Ha!!

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