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Tuesday, February 11

Sprinkle the confetti people! It's time to celebrate!
All of Ella's Thank You Cards were finally finished and sent last week! *high five*
AND…I was also able to edit all of the Rainbow Unicorn party photos and will be sharing the details soon!

You are looking at the front of the thank you cards - addressed and ready just before I mailed or hand-delivered them. More details on how I put these together are coming later this week.
For now, just know they are tucked inside pretty clear envelopes from JamPaper and Envelope!

I've been asked to bring cupcakes to Ella's Valentine's Day party on Friday so I was contemplating making my own or just picking up a delicious dozen or two from Cupcake Delights.

THEN…I saw THESE posted on Facebook today by my sweet friend, Carrie, from The Cake Blog and I can't help myself. I'll be doing the mini-sized version and I'm hoping the kids absolutely love them!! I promise to share my results!

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