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SNAPSHOTS | Summer Ice Cream Cones

Friday, July 12

Making time for Ice Cream is top priority during the Summer...
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

my three girls and I headed out for some cones...

1. Ella with her upside-down chocolate ice cream cone in-a-cup (with sprinkles) - the only way for her to enjoy an ice cream cone without ending up wearing an "ice cream shirt"
2. Ema and Ella - a sweet "sister picture"
3. Clara with her usual chocolate swirl waffle cone - giving me the look of an irritated teenager that says "hurry and take the picture before it melts, MOM!"
4. Ella chowing down
5. Pretty Ice Cream Sprinkles
6. Clara can't keep up with the heat - it's dripping faster than she can lick
7. Ella finishing up.
8. Ema and Ella - all done with their frozen treats and ready to get out of the heat!
9. Ema's standard vanilla/chocolate swirl on a standard cone. (we thought it looked cool licked all the way down like that)!

Make some time this weekend to grab a frozen treat...
in any of these forms you love best...
Frozen Custard
Ice cream
Frozen Yogurt (fro yo)
Italian Ice

You get the idea...
Photograph your favorite, a new flavor you've tried or your even the "usual"picks of your loved ones.

It's been soooo hot...
the girls were zapped of energy by the time their cones were finished!!

And for those of you who were wondering...
I did NOT partake of the ice cream...
on THIS particular day anyway! *wink*


kansasgirl1 said...

Your girls are really beautiful! And I like all those bracelets :) The ice cream with sprinkles looks pretty delish, too.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Kansasgirl1 - Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my girls. (that of course makes my heart completely smile). I'm so glad you noticed the bracelets too. They are a recent find and there will be a giveaway coming soon on the blog!! *wink*

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