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CELEBRATIONS | Annual Neighborhood Patriotic Parade

Wednesday, July 3

I love celebrations with a small town/nostalgic feel...
which is why I absolutely love our...

Annual Neighborhood Patriotic (Bike) Parade
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Ella, Ema and I spent some time last week prepping Ella's bike for the parade.
We pretty much used anything from around the house that was red, white or blue...
(ribbon, cupcake liners, party cups, tissue paper, duct tape, baker's twine and fabric remnants).
We even put red playing cards on her bike spokes (like I did when I was a kid) to mimic the sound of a motorcycle!

On Saturday morning, we congregated with our neighbors at the park  - located in the middle of our neighborhood.
Ella was thrilled to see and hang out with her best friend, Elise.
The line-up consisted mostly of kids with bikes 
but there was even a neighbor who showed up with some stilts! Fun!!
After everyone paraded around the park we enjoyed some breakfast/brunch items
and then went on about our day.

Do you have fun, annual neighborhood or community events you like to attend in your town?
I'd love to hear about them!

Looking forward to celebrating Independence Day tomorrow!!!

All of the stuff we used to decorate Ella's bike is still sitting out on the table on the back porch... Ha!
Oh...and the playing cards?
By the time it came to actually riding in her bike in the parade, the cards weren't nearly as loud as they had been when Ella was riding her decorated bike all around the back porch. It figures! *wink*

1 comment:

Lisa Fliehman said...

That is so sweet for the neighbor kids to have a parade. Thanks for sharing all the cute pics. Looks like a lot of fun and great memories!!

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